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Below is information about the "hey nice shoes... a community for fashionistas" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:heyniceshoes (321391)  
Name:hey nice shoes... a community for fashionistas
About:This is heyniceshoes , a community started by Francie because blurty needs a few good fashion communities, since it was seriously lacking in them. I felt it was best to compose a few question/answer type things to best describe the purpose of heyniceshoes.

Q: Why should I join?
A: If you like fashion, accesories, design, or anything glam, then this is the place for you to post pictures, comments, and suggestions for other fashion junkies.

Q: What can I post pictures of?
A: What you're wearing, what you're going to wear, what you bought, what you want to buy, what kind of style you want to cut your hair in, what kind of makeup you like... also pictures of stores, shoes, hot people, even the family cat.

Q: What can't I post pictures of?
A: Naked people. It's just not something I feel like dealing with.

Q: What can I talk about in the community?
A: Fashion, models, makeup, accesories, stores, events, whatever. Especially fashion designers and fashion design schools.

Q: What shouldn't I talk about?
A: Eating disorders. There are a zillion pro ana communities on blurty, and it's another thing I don't feel like dealing with.

Q: How can I contact you if I have a question?
A: IM me at chickeebirdy or email me at or post in the community.

Q: Any other rules?
A: Be nice. If you're going to be catty, don't say anything at all.

Q: Can I add you to my friends page? What's you journal?
A: Certainly! I'm /~tinyyellowduck
Interests:60: accesories, anna sui, being sexy, betsey johnson, boots, capris, chanel, chic, clothes, converse, diy, fashion, fashion design, flip flops, flirty, french things, glam, glasses, gloves, hair, handbags, heels, hot, jackets, jean jackets, jeans, jewelry, kate spade, lipstick, makeup, marilyn monroe, messenger bags, milan, nail polish, new york city, oscar de la renta, pants, paris, perfume, plunge necklines, polka dots, purses, reconstructed clothing, scarves, sephora, sewing, shirts, shoes, shopping, skirts, sneakers, stiletto heels, stripes, sunglasses, sweaters, thread, thrift stores, thrifting, ties, vintage clothes
Members:51: accident_sex, babeefayce, bookonashelf, caramel83, chatterboxqt33, chatterboxqt87, cogar, doodle724, emotionalxgirl, fedupdevotchka, flitterflutter, foxxy_gurl2004, gl0ssy_, glamour_harlot, gorgella, hongkonggarden, hot_tools, hulahoophearts, idrinkchlorine, infuriatedguilt, intuition_, jessifer, julianlove, kinkikarma, laughter_, lilshopohorrors, linterdit, luvablesons, mismatchedsocks, neverf0rget, pinkdress, sandpaper, saraghina, shordy_bonkaz, smellhere, smut_kitten, stigmata, stripedmonkey, swty87, teeboo, tinyyellowduck, totally_sweet, upsyndrome, valuntyne, vanity_, vintagevagrant, vintagevixen47, x_dejayou, _electricbaby, _lini, _l_y_d_i_a_
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