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Below is user information for Heath Ledger. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:heath_l (274279)
Name:Heath Ledger
Website:Aussie Wannabe
Location:Los Angeles "Casa Feliz", California, United States
AOL IM:sir heath ledger (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Well... I was born in Perth, Australia. At a real early age I caught the acting bug and after I graduated I went to Sydney to try and make a career out of it. I did a few spots on TV in Australia but my first American movie was "Ten Things I Hate about You." After that I've been getting all sorts of roles and making myself right at home in LA.
Interests:8: art, backpacking, black and white films, photography, reading, street hockey, surfing, writing
Friends:9: a_larter, cook_l_rach, hobbitelijah, kate_winslet1, ltyler, mattpdamon, orlando_bloom, shannynsossamon, ziyi_zhang
Friend of:143: afflecktion_, alexisxbledel, alex__greenwald, aly_lovesflutes, al_williford, ambrosio, andrewmcmahon, asia_argento, avrilll, avril_lavigne, avy__, a_leigh, behr_jason, beloved, bjork_, bobby_moffatt, brandonboyd, britty_murphy_, b_chelle, b_margera, cameron_r, cassandra_b, chad_m, char_carpenter, chino, chris_hayden, chris_kirky, chyler, clea, ctmoffatt, david__, delfino_maj, drummerboy_zac, dushku__e, dylandouglas, ebunton, einziger_mike, eliza_dku, emma_caulfield, feelinbeautiful, freakxme_lance, freddie_prinze, freddie__prinze, frozen_heart, furtado_, gina_p, glittergrrrl, halo_ginger_r, heatherxdonahue, heyjude, holly_m_combs, idolatry, isaac__hanson, izabella, jacques_b, jake_gyllenhaal, jamiexspears, jase, jenny_frost, jenny___lopez, jeremiah_r, jessica_a, jessica_simpson, jess_biel, joel_sickboy, jonnyleemiller, joshh, joshua_jackson, jt_hanson, justifiedjrt, j__marsters, kate_winslet1, kelly_brianne, kiki_dunst, kiss_my_bass, kreuk___k, k__holmes, lellow_keys, leonardo, linda_c, l_evin, marion_r, marion_raven, mathers__, mattpdamon, mattphillippe, matt_lillard, melanie_blatt, mellie_c, mikey_shinoda, mischa_barton, mmoore, natalieappleton, natalie_port, nicoleappleton, nicolexkidman, nicole_kidman, ofarim, o_stacie, palumbo, paquinanna, pasillas_xj, rach_lee, randystrohmeyer, renee_zellweger, ricci, ryanphillippe, sashacohen, scarlett_jo, shane_w, shannon__e, sm_gellar_, stages, star_eyed, stinabear, tarja_t, tasharay_evin, tbp_scott, tobey_torres, tonyxlovato, tracexthis, treid, trent, vanderbeek, wes_bentley, william__tell, xbillynessx, zellweger, zetajones, _benjimadden_, _bouvier, _davey, _elisha, _hathaway_, _kellyc, _nick_c_, _vanessa, _vinnie, __billy, __julia_stiles, __seb, __todd, ____brody____
Member of:8: aim_is_funny, dim_halo, forget_my_name, nebby, sexaholics_two, stellar_design, therapeme, welcome__wagon
Account type:Free User

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