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Below is information about the "trent reznor obsession community" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:headlikeahole (9164)
Name:trent reznor obsession community
Website:Official NIN Website
About:This community is for people obsessed with the great band nine inch nails or the genuis behind it, Trent Reznor.

+rules for this community+

1. If you post huge pictures, many quizzes, or long amounts of information (more than 5 paragraphs) PLEASE use the cut code. If you don't know the cut code..

Lj-cut text="any text you want here"

then add < and > around the code.

[ if you STILL have problems, make sure to email me, or contact me in email ]

2. Do not put others down because of opinions. No harassing or making fun of anyone else [ unless you REALLY have a reason, heh ]

3. You can post quizzes, just make sure they are in some way related to nin or trent reznor. We don't want to know what kind of fruit you are, or how evil you are.

4. You can post pictures of yourself or nin/trent reznor... but if the picture contains any kind of nudity, please use the cut code, with a warning.

5. Besides that, have fun! Make Icons, Show Pictures, talk about the band, or give fan links!

Interests:15: charlie clouser, chris vrenna, danny lohner, david bowie, jerome dillion, marilyn manson, nin, nine inch nails, pretty hate machine, robin finck, tapeworm, the downward spiral, the fragile, tool, trent reznor
Members:51: antixeverything, apocalypsekitty, aquabat, b0ndagewh0re, babiqirl1103, bathoryaria, bbq_menchi, blasphemous_, bloodymary, bolly_darling, c0re, chaotic_evil, crucifix_kiss, daveyshavok, deadhatemachine, eternalsleep, evilhellspawn, faeriespeckles, fragile_starla, fucking_loser, fucking__loser, glitterpuke, hopeyouchoke, horrorofbeauty, icingsugargirl, lollirotten, mixtape, mtrez, newflesh, pixiepains, radiocambodia, ravenhart_13, ripewithdecay, saundersj, sicamongthecure, siciliansimone, someones_nobody, spandex_wombat, stairway, starfuckers69, takemeapart, thebible, too_far_away, trench_mouth, xfatex, xglitter, xmushroomxbluex, _delusional_, _grace, _rejected_, _virus
Watched by:15: b0ndagewh0re, babiqirl1103, c0re, chaotic_evil, crucifix_kiss, deadhatemachine, fucking__loser, icingsugargirl, mtrez, saundersj, siciliansimone, starfuckers69, takemeapart, thebible, xmushroomxbluex
Account type:Early Adopter

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