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Below is user information for devistated<3. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:he1p_wanted (192974)
Location:Gilbert, Arizona, United States
AOL IM:c0unt to three (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:perfection_through_silence3 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:First off, my name is Meghan. I am 16 years old, with no clue what the fuck she will be doing 20 years from now.I am Single, and i live in Arizona, in a very boring town. My birthday is September 25th, and you can guess.. i was born in 1987. My hair has been almost every color, except for black. My hair is currently brown with blonde streaks. I have brown eyes also.

I have a very weird personality, too. Some say im bipolar, or skitzo-frenic. -shrug- I am opinionated. Sometimes i think i can see what the world will turn out to be. I can be very superstitious and very obsessive-compulsive about things. I can be very sensitive, and other times i can be very insensible. I have a brain, and sometimes i do not use it. I make some really dumb mistakes, that make things worse then before. I cant help what i do anymore, and people tend to take that as me being selfish? I hate it when people say shit about me, thats why i have a low self esteem most of the time. i blame myself for almost everything, except when i know it wasnt me. I say sorry alot, because i hate not being forgiven, especially by people i really care about.

I dont know what I'm really doing in life right now. I have a lot of identity issues and mental issues that I try to deal with but somehow cant. It confuses me and makes me choose the bad for my life. Go Me, gotta love life.

I like it when people say nice things about me, and to me. I like it when people do good deeds for people, i think it inspires me sometimes. I dislike critisism too. Most people i find that do that, are usually very fake and think they can do whatever they want, which reminds me of someone that i really hate with a passion(dotdotdot...)
so anyway, i never really go out to hang with friends, because i only have a few good friends, and i dont have a fucking liscense. being 15 sucks, sometimes. I hate highschool, i just passed 9th grade, i almost had to go to summerschool, but my mom got me out of it.

I love Music, it is my life.. almost. I also love web-design. Im always on my computer. I love emo, rock, alternative, metal, punk, ska, etc. Id name most of the bands i like, but im sadly very lazy. I have a thing for gothic chicks. I find them all very sexy, I dont know if it's the black hair, or if they just dont give a shit..

I hate the whole labeling thing that goes on through the teenage years. I find labels to be so degrading and misleading. If people want to look stupid, let them look like that. People that try to be something that they arent, really piss me off. But i dont go around critisizing people for what they wear. I am a big loser, and i admit it. im not popular, im anti-social, most of the time. I can be optimistic too, but sometimes i just feel reckless and i just dont give a shit.
Interests:71: alkaline trio, ataris, authority zero, beer, black, blindside, braclets, bud, cheese, coheed and cambria, converse, count dracula, counting, counting crows, courtney love, crazy, dashboard confessional, dorks, drive-in movies, elmo, forks, friends, fun things, garbage, geeks, goodbye my friend, green day, happy days, hate, hearts, invader zim, jack black, jenna jameson, jonny depp, juliana theory, kirsten dunst, kris roe, kurt cobain, marshall mathers, mest, movies, peircings, post its, powerpuff girls, ramones, rem, sex, social distortion, spoons, starbucks, stars, sticks, still no tomorrow, sublime, sugarcult, taking back sunday, tattoos, teasing, tenacious d, the starting line, the used, thrice, thursday, toes, useless id, vintage, vintage clothes, violence, weed, words, yellowcard
Friends:6: lindsangel5, lost_the_battle, rottenpil, skankandahalf, skkyvodkabitch, troubled_loser
Friend of:5: lethus_dunkious, notsopurfect16, patrick_star987, rottenpil, skankandahalf
Member of:2: glitter_rock, truecuties
Account type:Early Adopter

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