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Below is user information for ~*JeNn~*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:hcbabee (594241)
Website:*Mii PaGe*
Location:Georgia, United States
AOL IM:HCbAbEe06 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:ThA sToRy Of MeE!

\\ NaMe*Jenn*
// CaNdLeZ*SiX~tEeN!*
\\ SeXz*HoT gErL*
// StAt*JoN`pAuL<33*
\\ Occ*SoPhMoRe @ HcHs*
// HoBbYz*Any`thang funn*
\\ BeStEsT FrIeNd*Jessica*

!*YoU CaNt PiMp Me, I'm A PiMp MySeLf!*
Interests:110: #25, 231, 50 cent, a&f, abs, ae, american pie movies, ash, ashton kutcher, atlanta, bader, beaches, bein 16, bein a sexy pimp, being a sexy pimp, being me, ben, best friends, birthdays, blurty, boys, cake, candii, candy, cars, chillin, chingy, chocolate, christmas, clothes, cookies, cute stuff, dancing, drinks, driving, dvds, edwin mccain, emily, flip flops, florida, flowers, football games, friday nights, friends, funn, georgia bulldogs, glowsticks, god, goin out, hangin out w/ jessica, having fun, hc, hchs, highschool, hollister, hotels, hott baseball players, hott football players, hotties, hugs, ice cream, inside jokes, jessica, jokes, jon paul, kathryn, kisses, laughing, laura, life, lipgloss, love, magazines, make-up, makin out, mii boys, mii gerls, money, movies, my car, my cell fone, nelly, old navy, pac sun, partys, pc, pcb, pimp 2, pimpin, pornstar, rap music, road trips, roses, seann william scott, seventeen, singing, sponge bob, strong water, surprises, sweet guys, sweet songs, talking, thongs, tounge rings, tv, weekends, whistles, whit, william, workin out
Friends:7: aandfgirl406, ashleypooh3, h0t_pink, hcsoccer1506, ilovegod143, ithinkpink, jbw
Friend of:4: aandfgirl406, ashleypooh3, h0t_pink, hcsoccer1506
Account type:Free User

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