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User:hannigabriel (442388)
Location:Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Favourite Links:
Memories:9 entries
Interests:140: "a thing", "addicted", "baby it's cold outside", "don't wanna miss", "forever and for always", "free", "here without you", "hero", "only god knows", "picture", "say it", "sleeping child", "that's why", "you so much", 'may', 'sweed-aart', adam sandler, aerosmith, afghans, air on a g-string, all-night 'phone calls, america, avalon, babies, bagels, baseball, berry picking, blaque, blurty-ing, bobby labonte, bubble baths, camping, cappuccino, celine dion, chickens, claudia jung, clouds, coffee, cold-hearted bitch (the drink), colour, computers, cooking, crocheting, csi, cuddling, dale jarrett, daniel bedingfield, demis roussis, diane lane, diet coke, e-cards, elf, elliot sadler, enrique iglesias, enya, farming, fishing, five for fighting, flirting, freecell, freedom, geography, grammar, history, hockey, jason ritter, jimmy spencer, joan of arcadia, joe nemechek, john goodman, john ritter, joking, julia roberts, kalan porter, keane, kelly clarkson, kevin spacey, keyboarding, kid rock, kids, kissing, kittens, knitting, laughing, laundry, law & order, mandy moore, marc anthony, mark martin, matt kenseth, medicine, michael learns to rock, midnight swims, mike wallace, movies, music, my kids, nascar, pets, pillows, pizza, poetry,,, promised land, puppies, puzzles, quantum leap, rabbits, reading, reading chat, ricky rudd, riversongs, robbie gordon, rusty wallace, sandra bullock, scrabble, shania twain, sharon cuneta, shopping, singing, spelling, staying awake, steele magnolias' quote, strong medicine, sweaters, talking, television, theresa sokyrka, thunder storms, tubbies, twice in a lifetime, typing, uncle kracker, vodka, walking, will ferrell, words, writing, zooey deschanel
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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