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Below is user information for BILLIE JO. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:halfdeadwou (819450)  
Location:htown, Florida, United States
Bio:uh hi im billie jo 4 sho.. and uh yeah i love lemonaide. ha. and chicken
Interests:144: *ab04l4aw*, 4wheelers, a static lullaby, aalyiah, afro man, against me, alyssa marie hutchinson, alyssa's house, aol im, arabian rat fuck, bam margera, beach, beanies, belts, bert mccracken, biggie size, bikes, blue sharpies, bob, brand new, bright colors, bubble baths, buffets, bugs, butterflys, camping, captain cook, cesar sibaja, checkers, chicken, chicken and rice, clearwater, clothes, coheed and cambria, coloring books, curve cologne, dan trapp, dashboard confessionals, dennis, dennys, desiree, dont look down, doodling, double base, dresses, driving, drums, earings, eric gordon cook, fall out boy, finch, fleetwood mack, food, football, friends, gel pens, gum, halloween, hearts, hidden in plain view, hips, holiday, honesty, icecream, jessica, jewelery, jimmy eat world, jose cuervo, journals, juicy fruit, kentucky, keychains, kimmiexcore, lady bugs, lemonaide, lighters, lip gloss, lips, listening to katie, love, matchbook romance, matt, matts hearts, mike, mom, moneen, music, pants, personalitys, picture frames, pictures, pier 60, pillows, punchline, purple, quades, ramada, riding rooftop, road trips, sand, sandles, senses fail, sharpies, shoes, shows, sims park, skirts, sleeping in the grass, socks, something corporate, sonia, spicy food, stars, steve, stickers, strawberry shortcake, sugarcult, summer, sun, sunday drive, sunglasses, super mario, sweaters, swimming, t-shirts, taking back sunday, tattoos, the beautiful mistake, the early november, the format, the postal service, the starting line, the used, thrice, thrift city usa, thursday, toaster scramblers, track jackets, truth, typing, viva la bam, walks, wendys, zach binks.
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User
Date created:2004-07-23 10:14:20
Date updated:2004-07-24 21:54:22, 542 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.1
Journal entries:3
Comments:Posted: 0 - Received: 0

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