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User:gwennistefani (135070)
Name:gwen stefani
Location:anaheim, California, United States
Bio:Hi everyone!
If you didnt know it already, Im gwen stefani

I sing for the band no doubt.
Im married to Gavin Rossdale, and I love him so much

I wanna say thanks to my friends, my bandmates - Tony, Adrian, and Tom
we've all been through so much, and with you guys there, I know we can live while it keeps on coming.

For those who dont know, currently, Im working on some solo stuff cause the guys are al taking a break, but I cant wait to get back into the studio.. its not the same when its just me!
Interests:6: adrian young, gavin rossdale, singing, tom dumont, tony kanal, writing
Friends:79: allman_quinn, ally_donna_r, amanda__moore, american_kelly, aslavetocheese, ava_delonge, a_lazzara, a_pinkness, a_shinoda, bangin_jesse, bert_used, blood_clot, branden_, brann_matthew, britty_j_spears, brodyxarms, canada_rules, chadmmurray, chazy_b, chels_croft, cowell_simon, crazii_yulia, david__d, ejxlovato, eliza_dsku, gimlit_666, gwennistefani, hurr_celebs, hurr_convos, hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_lyrics, hurr_mods1, hurr_mods2, hurr_ooc, jen_delonge, jeph_is_used, john_f, ju_timberlake, katie__holmes__, kell_lee, kiddieness, leah_drums, lil_sarahmadden, loserdrummergc, lovin_lena, markxhoppus, matty_lovato, michelle_l, michelle_nolan, monsieurpierre, pierrebouvier__, pristina_aggy, rancid_tim, sebastien_, shakiraaa, shanewest_, shanna_, sid_vici0us, skatin_avril, skye_hoppus, sum_bizzy, sum_stevo, taubenfeldx, tommy_delonge, travisbarker182, xolarisa, xx_benji_xx, x_jud_x, _beloved_, _hayhay_, _jere_rangel, _jordanpundik_, _regret_, _reid, _screamer_joel_, __amy, __halo__reyes, __hg_adam
Friend of:7: blood_clot, brann_matthew, debig, gwennistefani, kennedy_mason, markxhoppus, _screamer_joel_
Member of:4: hurr_icons, hurr_love, hurr_lyrics, hurr_ooc
Account type:Early Adopter

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