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Below is user information for sta-sta-sta-ste-effff. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gwenn (131601)
Website:icon community
Location:Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:execute me baby (Add Buddy, Send Message)

fo` sheezy.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:117: 37 slurp, 4 skins, 40oz, 7 seconds, [sub][hum][ans], agnostic front, angelic upstarts, angry samoans, anti-nowhere league, aquabats, atheism, aus rotten, blanks 77, blatz, blitz, boots and braces, bouncing souls, brass knuckles, cheap sex, circle jerks, clit 45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, condemned 84, crass, dead kennedys, defiance, devotchkas, discharge, distillers, diy or die, doc martins, dropkick murphys, exploited, fishnets, gbh, global chaos, global threat, hair dye, infa-riot, leftover crack, leopard print, lip piercings, lower class brats, mohawks, nekromantix, new york rel-x, no doubt, oi polloi, oi scouts, oi!, opivy, oxymoron, philly, piercings, pietasters, plaid, porn, rancid, red lipstick, reel big fish, revolting cocks, rockabilly, romper stomper, rough sex, sex, sex pistols, sham 69, shaved heads, short hair, short skirts, sid and nancy, sid vicious, side burns, skeptix, skinhead boys, skrewdriver, social distortion, steel toe, street punk, tattoos, the bedrockers, the boils, the business, the clash, the damned, the expelled, the gadjits, the gossip, the kinks, the neutrinos, the only ones, the partisans, the plasmatics, the queers, the skeletones, the slackers, the slits, the specials, the toasters, the vibrators, the virus, thrift stores, tiger army, tight pants, total chaos, toxic narcotic, trad ska, trainspotting, tri-hawks, uk subs, varukers, vat-69, vice squad, x-ray spex, zebra print,
Friends:33: alfador, allxappologies, atomicpunkette, atragedyatbest, babybubbles2127, badboy84, brokenfaerie3, brokensound_, doubttragic, electric_child, griznace, hopeyouchoke, ihatepunkrock, iilovenothing, krahoehoe, limeade, lostlambkins, meggviolence, murr, myjournel, oistitches, pacjan, pyr0_leprechaun, seajaye, seltz, shadowrawk, sparkelz90, tinkerbellxo, wicked_papercut, xd0rkishstefx, yummstarburst, _void, __stitches
Account type:Early Adopter

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