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User:guitarconfess (122800)
Location:Hampton, Virginia, United States
AOL IM:c0nfus3d0ne (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio: picked up some things
at the thrift store today
was an anklet, a box,
and a picture frame.
It costed me less than 2 bucks
at the flea market booth
spent the change on some candy
satisfy my sweet tooth.
The frames to incase
a picture of us.
The smile on your face.
really is a plus.
The ? ??? when the ??
you pushed me around.
but it didnt hurt.
(no it didnt hurt)
no it didnt hurt

Bought the box to collect
all the things that I have
place my heart in the center
try to heal up the scabs
but i've been unsuccessful,
and I can continue to bleed.
Maybe i'm holding on to tight,
but I don't want to concede.
And I'm showing you too much,
of what you don't want to see.
Because I wanna adore you.
But you wanna be free
so i look in the box
to see what i have
it was just a ??
or a fleeting fad?

the anklet was purchased
as a gift for you
i want you to have it
but i know it wont do.
i dont think youd take it
not the way things have changed
but i cannot return it
or make an exchange
so ill store it away
maybe youll want it some day
ill give it to you then
things are better that way
(things are better that way)
better that way

they say we fit like square pegs in round holes but i dont know i always kind of liked that joke, square pegs

(fast part)
I’d rise my eyes my little prized conscience can you feel the rise of the hair on the back of your necktie, This ring onto your finger, remember you’re true when you bring her, hopefully we’ll get this quick, done fast, be kiss and go. That’s when im thinking stupid songs, and I want to bring my guitar along, We’ll just…???….and ill write a thing at which ill count it wrong? Hey look what came straight in the dusy paper, it came for you and I am gam lets take these two tickets and its great? It wasn’t made of better napkins rip it all away it happens and realize how much better it’d be if you’d gone and died. And ill amendate the constitution just for you and I owe you this, Civilize, ill free you out, come on it will be so much fun. And I swear on this hurts way, that I wont let my plans get in the way. And ill be the better old bridge that saves the day. But in the end I know you’ll always stay the same, take the game.
Memories:2 entries
Interests:136: a walk to remember, acoustic, aim, alone, american hi-fi, aol, at the drive-in, bad religion, ben folds five, black, blink 182, blockheads, blue, blue eyes, boxcar racer, boys, butterfingers, cans, cds, chocolate, chorus, chris carrabba, clone high usa, coheed and cambria, computers, concerts, dashboard confessional, drinks, electronics, emo, emotions, england, evanescence, expressions, eyes, for you to notice, fortune cookies, free sutff, further seems forever, green day, guitar, gumby, guttermouth, hair, hbo, hole, homegrown, hot pink, hurley, ice-hockey, incubus, internet, jimmy eat world, juliana theory, lagwagon, less than jake, lightning, linkin park, lips, livejournal, media violence, mighty mighty bosstones, mike marsh, milk, mind of 16:23, misfits, moon, mountain dew, movies, mp3s, music, mxpx, my dog, nathaniel fisher, never heard of it, night, nirvana, no doubt, no fx, norfolk, nural, obsession, ok go, patricia cornwell, peircings, pennywise, people, peter krause, phone, pictures, pokey, punk, reading, red, relationships, rings, scooters, shoes, silver, simple plan, simpsons, singing, six feet under, ska, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, sr71, st. patrick's day, staind, stars, storms, stratocasters, stripes, stupid people, sublime, sugarcult, suicide machines, system of a down, taking back sunday, talking, the ataris, the cursive, the get up kids, thunder, thursday, tom delonge, unwritten law, vacant andys, vans, vespas, warped tour, weird people, words, wrong way, yellowcard, you
Friends:11: denn, dickies, drowning_away, guitarconfess, iwant2saveyouxx, i_love_davin, l0nelyteardrops, milkdudgrl1, theoneandonlyme, xfallen_starx, xpinklemonadex
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