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Below is user information for Love is an illusion, happiness a delusion. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:guardian_torei (173712)
Name:Love is an illusion, happiness a delusion
Location:nunya, Colorado, United States
Bio:I am not saying a problem with that? I can be nice, but try not to be. I enjoy being evil, but suck at it. I can be a good friend, leave me alone. I am a walking contradiction...or not.
Interests:85: 13 ghosts, acting, angst, anime, art, bananas, being a drama queen, being weird, bishonen, books, boredom, capeoria, climbing, comic books, computers, criminals, cult classics, cute ninjas, ddr, dementia, denial, drama, drawing, even more anime, evil, evil plots, excitement, flirting, games, gothing out, have i mentioned anime?, horror movies, hunting, hypocracy, insanity, insomnia, law, lonliness, macrame, marial arts, men, mind games, misery, moon and stars, moose(s), more anime, more bishonen, music, musicals, paintball, paints, paranoia, pears, pepsi, politics, prancing, promoting chaos, psychology, puzzles, rent, resident evil games, rocky horror, role playing games, ruining my relationships, running after a moose, scaring "normal people", scary stuff, self-loathing, shinji, silent hill, singing in my boxers, sketching, sleep, sparring, sulking, the night sky, theater, tons of anime, unmentionable stuff, video games, vodka, wasting time, water, writing, yaoi
Friends:7: cats2yellow, hopezen, lycre, sotto_voce2600, tenor_guy, ushichan_haru, wayartsy
Friend of:6: hopezen, lycre, sotto_voce2600, tenor_guy, ushichan_haru, wayartsy
Account type:Early Adopter

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