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User:greensery (320350)
Name:Ann Lumen
Bio:Well hello.

This is my movie- report journal. Here I rate movies and write about them.

Qewe is my "diary" journal, where I post my thoughts in general, etc.

Feel free to add me. :)

Interests:136: accents, aimee mann, al pacino, alan rickman, alcohol, amaretto, andy warhol, animations, anthony hopkins, art, being alone, being clean, berries, beta readers, bjork, black, bowling for columbine, c.s.i., candles, candy, captain hook, castles, celtic art, chess, chinese food, computer, creativity, dancer in the dark, dogs, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dustin hoffman, edward munch, email, emily watson, estonia, eyes, fics, fortune telling, fred and george weasley, friends, garbage, garden, geoffrey rush, green, h.p lovecraft, hable con ella, hannibal lecter, harry potter, hugs, humour, ice-cream, imagination, ireland, jason isaacs, jeremy irons, jewels, joaquin phoenix, kate winslet, latin, leonard cohen, les miserables, loreena mckennit, lucius malfoy, men, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, my bed, myths, night, nightmare before christmas, ocean, old english, oliver twist, pain, pedro almodovar, philosophy, photos, poetry, psychology, queer as folk, quills, quizzes, quotes, ralph fiennes, rareslash, reading, remus lupin, requiem for a dream, riddles, roses, rubeus hagrid, salvador dali, sarcasm, severus snape, short stories, shower gel, silence, silk, silver, six feet under, slash fanfiction, slytherin, spirited away, stephen king, sting, storm, sunrise, supernatural, surrealism, talented mr ripley, the lion king, the moon, the sims, tori amos, touch, truly madly deeply, tv, u2, vegetarian, victorian, villains, vincent van gogh, walking in the woods, weekends, white, winnie the pooh, winter, words, writers, writing, yoga
Friends:6: bloodyhell, cruciverus, melancolique, peikko, runboyrun, wildwhite
Friend of:2: bloodyhell, wildwhite
Member of:2: indiefilms, movies
Account type:Free User

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