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User:greenangel (9529)
Location:Santa Barbara, California, United States
Bio:I am stupid. F33R M3!!!!11111

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User Number: 9529
Date Created:11/05/02
Number of Posts: 99

Holly is a freak of nature that loves fictional characters from cartoons and video games more than actual people in the real world. HAAAAA! o.o;; She loves anime, mangas, rpg games like Final Fantasy, all kinds of music(minus rap and preppy hip-hop), chatting, taking silly pictures with her webcam, making layouts for webpages or journals, image editting, drawing, reading, animated disney movies, and all sorts of other silly stuffs... she's currently got her mind set on going to college and majoring in something that will get her a decent-paying job, hopefully involving computer graphics and/or design.
Strengths: I'm good at being silly and random, loving fictional characters too much for my own good, open ears(luvs a wide variety of music), html coding and webpage layouts, I'm AMAZINGLY good at obsessing over movies or games... and I'm the BEST at just being me! ^3^V
Weaknesses: I can be as stubborn as a damn mule. I'm not that great at grabbing life by the balls and taking control of situations, but I'm working on it! X_x;
Special Skills: I can make media! XD My pet slime mold will ooze through your nostrils and absorb your brain before leaving your body to rot. AHAHAHAHA!!! o.o;; And of course I can do website layouts pretty good, as well as some character design, but I'm still trying to master the art of drawing the human figure.
Weapons: Hmm... my slime mold will soon grow from 1.5 centimeters to the size of a house! It will be the most beautiful and terrible gelotinous cube in the world!!! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I also like to poke people with sporks. X3
Fictional characters that I love:
Armitage III - Ross Sylibus
Chobits - Hideki
Cowboy Bebop - Jet Black
DBZ - Piccolo
Dominion Tank Police - Brenten
Escaflowne - Van Fanel, Allen Schezar
Evangelion - Kaji
Fatal Fury - Terry, Andy
Ghost in the Shell - Batou
Green Legend Ran - Jeke
Iria - Fujikuro
Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Yamamoto, Kojiro
Mars - Hama(he looks like Cid Highwind! XD)
Mononoke Hime - Ashitaka
Oh My Goddess! - Keiichi
On Your Mark - 2 nameless police officers
Outlaw Star - Gene
Peach Girl - Kiley
Ranma 1/2 - Ryoga
Spirited Away - Haku
Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi
The Big O - Roger Smith
Trigun - Wolfwood
Venus Wars - Hiro
Vampire Hunter D - D, Meier

FFVII - Cid Highwind(FACK YEAH!), Reno of the Turks, Rude of the Turks(my second and current hubby!), Sephiroth
FFVIII - Seifer
FFIX - Steiner
FFX - Wakka, Auron
Oddworld - Abe
The Dig - Boston Low, Ludger Brink, Ken Borden(married and divorced)
Full Throttle - Ben
Grim Fandango - Salvador Limones, Manny Calavera
Metal Gear - Snake
Alone in the Dark IV - Carnby
King's Quest series - King Graham
Giants: Citizen Kabuto - all the Meccaryns

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Memories:19 entries
Interests:98: agent doggett, alice, alice in wonderland, allen schezar, american mcgee's alice, angels, animation, anime, art, astronomy, auron, big cats, bloodlust, blue elf, blue fuzzy elf, botany, bump of chicken, character design, cheshire cat, cid highwind, cowboy bebop, disney, disney movies, dragons, drawing, elena, escaflowne, fanart, final fantasy 10, final fantasy 7, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, flash, flcl, fruits basket, furi kuri, fuzzy elf, gargoyles, glay, grim fandango, hitomi kanzaki, html, html coding, internet, irresponsible captain tylor, j-rock, jabberwock, jabberwocky, jack skellington, john doggett, kairi, kazan, kiley, kurt wagner, layouts, lord of the rings, magic user's club, manga, mars, monsters inc, nightcrawler, nightmare before christmas, oddworld, peach girl, quizzes, rabites, reno, robert patrick, rpgs, rude, science fiction, silent hill, silent hill 3, sloths, spirited away, tagboards, the dig, the turks, the x files, tseng, turks, vampire hunter d, van fanel, vincent valentine, vision of escaflowne, wakka, web design, web surfing, webcams, website layout design, website layouts, winged creatures, writing, x files, x-files, x-men, xfiles, xmen
Friends:57: animeaddme, anime_art, berrynai, bloodied_apron, bluedevil, blue_judas, bondageseraph, bovine, boys_suck, break, castingsin, collywobbles, darkness, delcj, disbelieving, do_or_die, fruits, furuba_desu_yo, gamergirls, glay, greenangel, hidden_tearz, inu_fic_recs, japanese_cg, jonnyboy, kerochan, kiko, knux, kohakusei, lild00d, marzarelo, moon_flow, namekslavegirl, news, nurika, offcenter, piccolo, pikonako, puggs, recycled, ruki, sakebi, sessh_sama, shiuan_shiuan, silenthill, souma_kyo, surrealrose, sweetened_dream, t3hm4r3k, thexfiles, vegeta_slave, whippersnapper, youseiziploc, _flame_, _skellington_, _squaresoft_, _stuff
Friend of:36: berrynai, bluedevil, blue_judas, break, castingsin, delcj, do_or_die, greenangel, hidden_tearz, isuck, jonnyboy, kiko, kohakusei, lild00d, manatsu, marzarelo, milk_t, namekslavegirl, nurika, offcenter, piccolo, pikonako, puggs, recycled, rikacam, sakebi, sessh_sama, shatter, shiuan_shiuan, souma_kyo, suburbannoize, surrealrose, sweetened_dream, vegeta_slave, xbattle_royale, youseiziploc
Member of:20: animeaddme, anime_art, anime_mascots, boys_suck, claim_anime, claim_a_bjuser, fruits, furuba_desu_yo, gamergirls, glay, gotohell, inu_fic_recs, japanese_cg, my_ff, ramennoodles, silenthill, t3hm4r3k, thexfiles, _flame_, _squaresoft_
Account type:Early Adopter

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