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Below is user information for (your bright eyes burn through my exploding heart). If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gouge_away (22045)
Name:(your bright eyes burn through my exploding heart)
Location:Runnemede, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:atmaximumvolume (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:girlspush_girls (Add User, Send Message)
"This is the sound of the hopeless kids as they scream from the basements of the houses of their parents. And this is the sound of the hopeless ones as they stare down at their books and realize they have been lied to." - Bright Eyes

My communities: drugfreaks & coolerthanthou


Memories:14 entries
Interests:40: alice in wonderland, art, azure ray, bend it like beckham, bondage, bright eyes, commander venus, conor oberst, cursive, desaparecidos, down with love, driftwood: a fairytale, drugs, electroclash, emo, fairytales, genderqueer, hot hot heat, indie rock, interpol, intoxication, jack's broken heart, jimmy eat world, nirvana, placebo, playgrounds, pulp, saddle creek, sorry about dresden, stars, the doors, the faint, the good life, the little prince, the pixies, the start, the white stripes, velvet goldmine, weed, your mom
Friends:61: 13waystobleed, angel_falls, angrymoth, anotherday, b3auty_qu33n, badboy84, bedazzled03, callmewangsta, cannedllamas, chloeraven, coolerthanthou, crossoutmyeyes, crucified, daman21, darklost, deranged, disavowed101, disco_supafly, eir, emocool, emojerseyrock, epic, eskimo_kisses, eyekisses, fashionandagun, for_the_lonely, gadgetluv, genderqueer, girlheart, girlskissgirls, h0tter_than_you, iamsam82, iamyourcrowbar, ilickindiestars, insignia, in_the_shadows, lostarm, my_ideology, nephilum, n_importe_quoi, obnoxiousjones, ooberwilliam, pmsinblonde420, prettyprincesss, princ3ss, purple_toilet, samantha2002, seas_of_ink, shallowsuicide, sinful_mind, societyviewsyou, surferrosa, technoballerina, thefool, theplasticcity, thewant, undrgrndnympho, vickie1985, x_slit_x, ymd, zombiekiller13
Friend of:39: 13waystobleed, anotherday, bedazzled03, chesirexkitten, chloeraven, crossoutmyeyes, daman21, darklost, eir, eskimo_kisses, eyekisses, fashionandagun, for_the_lonely, girlheart, grlhockey83, hilre38, iamsam82, iamyourcrowbar, insignia, lenoxcorgis01, lostarm, madbomber80, nephilum, n_importe_quoi, prettyprincesss, pretty_machine, seas_of_ink, sinful_mind, t0xic_s0ck, technoballerina, thefool, theplasticcity, undrgrndnympho, velouria, villain, x_slit_x, ymd, yum_, zombiekiller13
Member of:9: coolerthanthou, drugfreaks, emojerseyrock, genderqueer, girlskissgirls, ilickindiestars, saddlecreek, societyviewsyou, trainspotting
Account type:Early Adopter

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