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Below is information about the "* StRaNgEr iS BeTTeR *" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:gothic_girls (86309)
Name:* StRaNgEr iS BeTTeR *
Location:United States
About: GoTHiC GiRLs

This community is for all gothic girls who are proud of being different. You don't have to be 100% gothic on the outside, but on the inside is where it really counts.

:: Rules ::

// NO bashing of sexualities! We will have many different kinds in this community. Deal with it

// If your posting pics, use the Cut code [lj-cut text="whatever you want the link as"/] replace [ ] with < >
Feel free to post pics anytime =] We'd all love to see what you look like and you can also post pics of anything you want.

// You an talk about anything at all. Have fun with the community and try to find some friends in your area =]

// Don't bash religions. There will be many different beliefs among each person. You may discuss them but don't put people down.

:: The maintainer of this community is to0l_kitten or evilnesskitten
My sns are To0L KiTTeN and DeViOuS SMiLE666
Feel free to ask me questions or comment about the community.

Interests:64: bass, beauty, being different, bisexual, black, black clothes, black eyeliner, black lipstick, boots, boys, cemetaries, collars, colored hair, corsets, darkness, death metal, dreds, dresses, drums, eccentric, evil, evilness, faeries, fishnets, girls, glam, goth, gothic, gothic boys, gothic girls, guitar, homosexual, individuality, jack off jill, kitties, lesbian, living dead dolls, loud music, marilyn manson, metal, ministry, night, open minded, pain, peircings, rasputina, satanism, seances, skinny puppy, skirts, spiked bracelets, spiked collars, spikes, straight, strange, switchblade symphony, tattoos, the cure, thigh highs, tool, vampires, velvet, vnv nation, wicca
Members:183: 2lost2besaved, absynthefaerie, anaideia, angelabsinthe, angry_blond, anij, ashinfulleffect, azilerenhsel, b0ndagewh0re, black_kitten, bloodandsilk, bludisaster, br0okelin, brittnay1319, broken_d0lly, cake_or_death, candyxflesh, catling, celestialxdeath, celestial_death, christyksa, conflictedteen, corvettechick, cutupstars, d00mw0lf, darkwebtress, darkxbabe, dark_sakura, dead_salvati0n, deann, deceasedopfer, demonicxdolli, deviantleogirl, dianotherday115, dirty_machine, disturbed_psyco, diva_satanica, dorky_chick, eeesheeea, elementalmuse, elementchick666, empireofdirt666, erotique, eternalsleep, evilshopingkart, evilxxx0ne, exotic_goth, exposedunknown, extroverted, eyeliner_tearz, fairytale_whore, fallen_angelfae, fatal_femme, filmphan, flitterflutter, fordernwahl, frantic911, freakgirl, gazingdarkness, ghostchild13, giblet, glittergoth83, glittervomitxxx, goblin_prince, gothfish, gothicpunk2000, gothonaleash, graveyrdflower, guiltychild, hidexmyxpain, homicidexkiss, hopeless_drmz, iamdarkpoetry, iamhated666, ihatemyself303, inflames666, ironbutterfly, iwannamohawk, i_h8_myself, jassiezoid, jezzika666, kariya9, kariya_9, kinkeexkayla, kittysdeath, kit_tricky, konig, ladygothica, lady_greenleaf, leather2lace, level27girl, lifes_temporary, lillith, lillixownsyou, lily2003, little_evil_one, lostinabook, lost_emo_kidd, lovewilltearus, lucian13, lucina, luvmetender66, magical_witch, maschine_zeit, masterskitty, medievalxstars, melishious, menocidemoth, miseri, monkey_weed, morbidfae0201, mudvaynegrrrl, mutantjules, myheartsblack, mytornnovember, nineinchnailgrl, omarandjohnny, opheliaxdoll, opiumroses, paradox85, peoplerplastic, punkmonkey13609, queenbladestar, rainbowbrlte, rainbow_stars, raz0r_kiss, riotbeth, saundersj, saveme, saving_myself, secretlybleedin, sexibabygirlx, shadow_kitten, shydee, sick_lullaby, sourpatchkyd, so_dead_inside, spazykittyears, spitonme, steeltoed_vixen, strangewildgirl, strawberrygashs, stubbygrubbs, suicidekissez, suicidequeen, sullenspirited, superslayer, tainteddoll, tears4pain, tears_of_agony, theresa_vail, thezombiequeen, thorny_teenager, tinydasha, tocixtrip10_56, tragicqueendom, troublesumpunk, ty_mans_gurl, velvetbleach, velvetchik, venomstrike, violetextsi, voiceinthepiano, walmartshopper, weepingfaerie, willothewizp, wiltedxrosex666, xchokingonlifex, xlollipop_lustx, xmorbid_whore, xpapercutzx, xperfect_scarx, xsilentx, xstar_no_starx, xvintagex, xwickdfuryx, xxshootinstarxx, xxtwistietiexx, xxxhotboi69xxx, x_murderxdoll_x, zura, _bittersweet, _chelsz
Watched by:91: angelabsinthe, asphyxiax, b0ndagewh0re, bloodandsilk, br0okelin, candyxflesh, catling, cutupstars, darkxbabe, dark_raven, dark_sakura, deann, deceasedopfer, desolatedreamer, deviantleogirl, dirty_machine, diva_satanica, eeesheeea, elementchick666, empireofdirt666, erotique, evilshopingkart, evilxxx0ne, exotic_goth, exposedunknown, extroverted, fairytale_whore, filmphan, francesrevenge, frantic911, ghostchild13, giblet, goblin_prince, godstragiclie, gothicpopsickle, gothonaleash, graveyrdflower, guiltychild, homicidexkiss, hotboii, iamdarkpoetry, iamhated666, ironbutterfly, jassiezoid, kittysdeath, ladygothica, lady_greenleaf, leather2lace, lily2003, lostinabook, lost_emo_kidd, lovewilltearus, lucian13, luvmetender66, m0shing_d0rk, magical_witch, maschine_zeit, medievalxstars, menocidemoth, miseri, morbidfae0201, paradox85, peoplerplastic, punkmonkey13609, queenbladestar, riotbeth, saundersj, sexibabygirlx, shadow_kitten, shydee, sourpatchkyd, steeltoed_vixen, strawberrygashs, suicidekissez, sullenspirited, to0l_kitten, tocixtrip10_56, ty_mans_gurl, vexen, violetextsi, walmartshopper, weepingfaerie, willothewizp, wiltedxrosex666, wrong_way, xpapercutzx, xsilentx, xxshootinstarxx, xxxhotboi69xxx, x_murderxdoll_x, zura
Member of:1: mouthofpoison
Account type:Early Adopter

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