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Below is user information for sarah. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:goteam (192205)
Location:stockport, manchester, United Kingdom




18. british. skate culture crew. talks too much.

friends only.
because i can

photolog: /~fortypence
livejournal: /~laitholiel

Interests:142: 1984, 2tone, aim, alcohol, alex chalmers, ali boulala, ali boulala again, anti-avril, arto saari, arto saari again, atomic kitten, audrey hepburn, bags, bam margera, belts, black and white photos, blondie, bowler hats, brandon dicamillo, broken amps, california, chad muska, coffee, converse, corey feldman, dexys midnight runners, digicam, dogtown, dorks, dropkick murphys, dude, ehren mcghehey, eighties, eightyfour, empire records, england, es, eyeliner, finland, flares, flip, flip sorry, flogging molly, geoff rowley, grayscale, haggard, hanson, heinous, holden caulfield, hott, huntington beach, j. d. salinger, jason lee, jeffries fan club, jess margera, jesse james, kenisia, kerry getz, kevin smith, knee socks, larry clark, letters, lunchboxes, lyrics, manchester, manchester academy, mark appleyard, marmite toast, messy hair, miffy, milk, mmmbop, molly ringwald, music, my dirty vans, no doubt, not pj ladd, orange county, photography, photos, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pirates, piss drunx, polaroids, pretending to be arty, pretty boys, rain, random hero, reading festival, reel big fish, ribena, russian literature, ryan dunn, sausages, save ferris, scarecrow boys, scarecrows, scott klopfenstein, scrubs, shows, ska, skacore, skank, skateboarding, skaters, socks, some more arto saari, suburban legends, sugarcult, sulking, superfly, swearing, sweatbands, taking back sunday, talking, tattoos, tavis werts, taylor hawkins, the aquabats, the flip team, the flip vid, the iraqi information minister, the lost boys, the pietasters, the specials, the stooges, the world cinema section, thrasher, tom green, top hats, ville valo, vinyl exchange, vinyls, waterfights, web design, ween, weezer, writing, zines,
Friends:14: alice, aquifer, blackcandy, fakefrench, fake_romances, goteam, heartagram, killgirlkill, lady_stardust, reabelle, secondstar, upforsale, veganrecipes, witchblade
Friend of:6: aquifer, blackcandy, goteam, lady_stardust, reabelle, witchblade
Member of:3: claim_a_soul, heartagram, skateboarders
Account type:Early Adopter

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