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Below is user information for Michelle. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:got_issues (28696)  
Location:San Diego, California, United States
Bio:LOL..ohhh cant tell...the voices say not too...ohh noo
Interests:140: 69, aim, anya, ashanti, babies, baby, baptist, beer, bi-sexual, bikinis, blinkies, boats, bondage, boobs, boys, breasts, broken hearted, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, california, children, christianity, cliques, clubs, dancing, daughter, day care, days of our lives, deep throat, depression, dirty vegas, divas, divorce, dogs, dollz, dru, exotic dancing, family, friends, giles, graphic making, harry potter, hey arnold, hogwarts, holding hands, home decorating, horny, hugs, hummers, husband, in love, infants, instant messaging, ja rule, jabba the hutt, jack russel terriers, jerry springer, kinky, kisses, kissing, lapping, layouts, licking, lj layouts, lonely, love, love making, making friends, making love, marine corps, marines, marriage, men, military, military intelligence, military spouses, mom, mother, movies, msn messenger, music, my husband, nco, necking, nelly, non commissioned officer, north carolina, not another teen movie, nude, ohio, oral, oral sex, p.o.d., passions, piercings, poway, poway high school, pre-schooler, puppies, rainbow brite, reading, rocket power, rotties, rugrats, san diego, sarah michelle gellar, seadoo, sex, shaved, shots, simpsons, smiles, smurfs, son, soul mates, spike, spilt custody, star wars, stay at home mom, step families, sunbathing, sunsets, sunshine, suntans, system of the down, tanning, tattoos, the hobbit, tiffin, tits, tlc, toddler, toddlers, trading spaces, united states marine corps, usmc, water sports, web design, wife, willow
Friends:2: coldbloodedkill, happygirlshan
Friend of:3: bilboblake, coldbloodedkill, happygirlshan
Member of:1: simpsons4eva
Account type:Early Adopter

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