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Below is user information for goofball. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gooner (239)
Location:London, United Kingdom
Bio:I'm goonergooner.
Interests:150: 7097556el3 computer file 93, a bronx tale, ad rock, adam horovitz, adam yauch, afc, al capone, al pacino, andy warhol, angel heart, annoying lyrics, ant & dec, arsenal, arsenal fc, ash, back to the future, badly drawn boy, beastie boys, black elvis, blackadder, blur, brixton academy, carlito's way, chachi & joanie, chemical brothers, christopher walken, chuck d, coke, crisps, daft punk, david bowie, deltron 3030, depeche mode, dj shadow, don corleone, dr dre, dr octagon, dr.dooom, dream team, eastenders, eminem, faithless, fatboy slim, fawlty towers, feeder, ferris bueller's day off, fever pitch, flavor flav, foo fighters, football, futurama, gary oldman, goodfellas, gorillaz, grand royal, highbury, hip hop, i hate tottenham, indiana jones, indie music, irvine welsh, itchy and scratchy, jack daniels, jackass, joe pesci, johnny knoxville, jurassic 5, kool keith, lager, league of gentleman, life of brian, livejournal, london, loud music, lyric of the day, madchester, madonna, mafia, manic street preachers, marmite, martin scorcese, martin scorsese, massive attack, match of the day, mca, mickey rourke, mike d, monty python, muse, my son, new york city, nike, nirvana, nwa, oasis, old skool, on the road, paul's boutique, pj harvey, placebo, portishead, primal scream, prince, prodigy, public enemy, pulp, pulp fiction, quadrophenia, radiohead, reservoir dogs, ride, robert de niro, run dmc, sarcasm, save chip, scarface, sleepers, smtv, snatch, soccer, south london, specials, star wars, state of grace, steak, stone roses, suede, taxi driver, the beatles, the charlatans, the godfather, the jam, the kinks, the simpsons, the smiths, the the, the verve, the who, thundercats, tom green, trainspotting, travis bickle, trigger happy tv, u2, ultramagnetic mc's, velvet underground, verve, walking in the rain, walking on the beach, when we were kings
Friends:8: alone, bertho, brokenwish, jackola, news, rahaeli, support, wissel
Friend of:7: alone, brokenwish, jackola, orangecrush, rahaeli, thesandman, wissel
Account type:Early Adopter

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