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Below is user information for [black leather and lace!]. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:goodbyelove (267623)
Name:[black leather and lace!]
Website:and i'd love to be the shoulder that you cry on
Location:Modesto, California, United States
AOL IM:xslinksterxcoolx (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:sparklegeisha (Add User, Send Message)
opening credits: "no such thing" - john mayer
average-day scene: "no rain" - blind melon
best-friend scene: "mr jones" - counting crows
first-date scene: "someone to call my lover" - janet jackson
falling-in-love scene: "at the stars" - better than ezra
love scene: "dnd" - semisonic; or "sugar" - tonic
fight-with-friend scene: "yeah, whatever" - splendor
break up scene: "you're so last summer" - taking back sunday
get-back-together scene: "come around" - rhett miller
empowered single girl scene: "steve mcqueen" - sheryl crow
fights-at-home scene: "mad season" - matchbox twenty
'life's okay' scene: "the remedy" - jason mraz
heartbreak scene: "deep inside of you" - third eye blind
mental-breakdown scene: "ana's song" - silverchair
driving scene: "last dance with mary jane" - tom petty; or "california" - akia
driving-in-the-rain scene: "name" - goo goo dolls
lesson-learning scene: "change" - blind melon
deep-thought scene: "champagne supernova" - oasis
flashback scene: "innocence" - hootie and the blowfish
party scene: "rock your body" - justin timberlake
regret scene: "criminal" - fiona apple
happy-dance scene: "hella good" - no doubt
long-night-alone scene: "tail of the sun" - stroke 9
closing credits: "scar tissue" - red hot chili peppers

i'm a sinner among sinners
sitting with angels, eating dinners...
i've lied, i've hurt myself and others
i've cried with the wolves
and slept with lions.

i've tickled throats with my
forked tongue,
whispered curses under my breath,
and sighed at the end of the day.
Interests:150: acoustic, alanis morissette, anne rice, anthony kiedis, anthropology, antiques, armand, athiesm, australians, awkward girls, being in love, bike rides at night, bindis, biting, black, black and white photography, blind melon, blood, book stores, books, boys, bracelets, broadway, bruises, bubble wrap, california, candles, chihuahuas, chocolate, cinnamon, college, comedy, concerts, conversation, counting crows, cowboys, cucumber melon, cuddling, daria, dark eyes, dave matthews, disco, dishwalla, disneyland, dorks, drama, dreaming, el caminos, eyeliner, eyes, fabric stores, fairies, falling in love, fast cars, fhqwhgads, five for fighting, francesca lia block, friends, geeks, glitter, goo goo dolls, greece, gwen stefani, holding hands, homestar, humanism, inside jokes, intellectual intercourse, interview with the vampire, jason mraz, john frusciante, john mayer, kareoke, kevin, kissing, la vie boheme, legolas, less than jake, lestat, libraries, life cafe, local bands, long hair, love, madonna, making out, marius, matchbox twenty, meditation, mexico, mimi marquez, mountain dew, music, musicals, mythology, neck biting, night, nirvana, no doubt, notebooks, old 97's, pearl jam, people watching, photography, pink, poems, poetry, punk, reading, red hot chili peppers, reel big fish, remembering good times, rent, retro, rhcp, rhett miller, rocking out, sadism, santa cruz, scratches, seduction, ska, skinny boys, sleeping, sparkles, sprite remix, stage crew, starbucks, stars, stone temple pilots, summer, taking back sunday, techies, the strokes, theatre, thongs, thrift stores, trolls, unicorns, vampires, vans, vintage, walking around, watermelon, weetzie bat, wishing on stars, witch baby, writing, yes company, yoga
Friends:2: slytherinbitch, xthisisrealx
Account type:Free User

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