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User:good_effort (466041)  
Website:Live Journal
Location:Talent, Oregon, United States
Yahoo! ID:blackfinger_5150 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I have an extremely cynical sense of fact, I would say I have a predilection for dark comedy(not black exploitation films).
I love music..allgenres except the noise of country, top 40, religious music.
I really enjoy bad music, also cheesy lounge lizards.
I am into the Seattle Mariners pretty heavily as I've been following them since 1977
I love 3* Thai food, good beverages, good herbs, and growing intellectually.
I am very liberal and have the true "Live and let live" philosophy, unless it infringes on my psychological well being(my current neighbor's)......
I was born and raised in Seattle until December of I reside in a small suburb of Medford, Oregon....what a joke!
I am a city guy, so this is not doing it for me :)
Love meeting cool, like minded people, so feel free to add me, or shoot me an IM.
Interests:75: 1000 homo dj's, 420, aclu, albert ellis, american beauty, anti bush, anti death penalty, anti republican, anti war, aries, aroma therapy, astrology, bad music, bernie ward, big brother, black clothing, black flag, blind date, bmw, body piercings, burning man, crank calls, cynical, dark comedy, dark humor, david lynch, direct action network, dream interpretation, dvd, emma goldman, ethereal, fuck, generation x, glass pipes, hedonism, human depravity, intellectuals, irreverence, jello biafara, karl jung, leftist, legalization, live cd's, lounge lizards, massive attack, medical marijuana, microbrews, ministry, mp3, new wave, nihilism, nine inch nails, nirvana, npr, paranormal, radio head, ralph nader, realism, reality tv, reincarnation, saab, san francisco, seattle mariners, seattle seahawks, seattle supersonics, south park, stanley kubrick, subwoofers, system of a down, talk radio, the cure, the smiths, the white stripes, zen, ziggy stardust
Friends:2: good_effort, quizdiva
Friend of:1: good_effort
Account type:Free User

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