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User:gollywhomper15 (917084)
Bio:Hey, I'm Cassie and I live in NY! I'm in highschool. The work sucks, but the friends rock my socks! shout out to MAY, ERS, JO JO BEAN, SHOOBY, BRY, WIGGLES and all the rest a yas! Well, I like late night movies at sleepovers with my pals, swimming, hanging on my trampoline, HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and i like/dislike track. its a touchy subject. lol. and i also like boys that arent stupidasses. boys that are sweet and caring always get my attention. *blush*. yeah, well, if ya kno me, ya kno everything else about me. nuff said.
peace kiddos
Interests:145: 4-wheelers, ae, aeropostle, aim, airconditioning, all-nighters, art, babies, baking, band, bicycles, birdhouses, birthdays, bonfires, bows, braclets, braids, breathmints, cake, calenders, candles, captain jack sparrow, cellphones, chapstik, chocolate, chorus, christmas trees, church, claires, computers, cowboy hats, cute underware, dairyqueen, diaries, dirt, dirty things, disneyworld, dogs/puppies, dolls, dreamcatchers, dvds, earrings, eyelashes, fall, family, fieldtrips, fireplaces, flip flops, fluffy pillows, frenchfries, friends, gifts, giggling, gilmore girls, glitter lamps, go-karts, green, guitar, hangin with my friends, harry potter, having long hair, hermit crabs, highschool football games, holidays, hugs, icecream, imagination, ipod mini's, jeans, johnny depp, kelly clarkson, late night movies, laughing, laying in grass, letters, lipgloss, llamas, long car rides, long walks, lotr, m&m's, magazines, mirrors, missouri, money!, monty python, music, my pets, necklaces, nightime, notes, oceans, palm trees, pictures, ponytails, popsicles, post-its, posters, purple, purses, put-put golf, rain, reading, ribbons, rootbeer, running, sand, school closings, short nails, skirts, slippers, smiles, smores, snow, soft blankets, speghetti, spring, squishy pillows, stars, stuffed animals, summer, sunrises, sunsets, sunshine, sweets, swimming, t-shirts, tennis, tents, the beach, the moon, the sky, the woods, track, trampolines, trees, vacations, vanessa carlton, vanilla, warmth, weather channel, wegmans, winter, yankees!, yearbooks
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Account type:Free User

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