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User:golden_scarlet (197827)
Name:Aisling Niamh Quinn
Location:Hogwarts, United Kingdom

xx The Gryffindor Aisling of Gryffindor
      Aisling [Niamh] Quinn here. I guess I should introduce myself. Well, I'm a fourteen year old fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... I'm a little outgoing at times but I suppose that's just the Gryffindor in me... What else? Um...
      Oh! Quidditch. I simply love quidditch- don't you? I'm a chaser- or at least I love playing that position. I haven't made the team yet... they're all really good. But I'm not bad myself- I've got quick reflexes and good aim.
      I'm the youngest in my family. Mum and Dad went to Hogwarts, too. Oh yeah- and I have a horrible older brother, Bran, who's only purpose in life is to make mine a living hell. He attends Hogwarts, too... Ravenclaw- where they are "clever". Pfft- sure he is.
Friends:89: aa_mcgonagall, abelle_malfoy, adelaide_, ad_pucey, aetasabscondita, aiden_black, ainoassassin, alice_riedel, amyhollings, ana_kostov, avalancherebel, big_black_dog, bitchmod, blessthechild, charminglysweet, colincreevey, darkestsoul, dark_ana, deanthomas, echidna_, ellabella, esarfa_seeker, euanabercrombie, female_blaise, fifthchild, firstchild, fourthchild, foxycare, galinadomitrov, ginntonic, glidingraven, golden_scarlet, greengryffindor, gryffindor000, gryffindorbebe, gryffindorchase, gryffindormione, gryffindorrebel, harryjpotter, hufflehannah, hufflepuffblond, hufflepuff_sean, ickleweasley, isobelmoon, jivanclaw, jumperknitter, j_adore, katiekinsley, konstantine_l, lapsuslinguae, le_printemps, lifeinexile, lovegood, macmillan_ernie, meg_kj, mikhaildimitrov, miss_brown, miss_fawcett, miss_katie_bell, montagueiv, music_muse, notasquib, nuntior, orla, porpuspie, princess_pansy, purdy_kitty, ravenclawbeauty, ravenclawbelle, ravenclawpadma, raven_soul, redraine, remus_lupin_, roseinbloom, sandyclover, seajay, secondchild, silver_serpant, slytherinazure, slytherinveela, starlightsin, thirdchild, tonkster, tynott, unhinged, urbanamoure, weasley__, _narcissa_, __oliver_wood
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