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Below is user information for Gojyo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gojyo (32695)
Location:United Kingdom
Bio:I am Gravi's and Gravi's only...

Someday I will force her to marry me, just wait and see.
Interests:101: advanced darkness, anime, anime freaks, being tickled, blondeness, blowjobs, blue eyes, blueness, boredness, bubble gum, bubble wrap, bubbles, candles, cards, cds, cheese, chibi gravi, chocolate milk, clusterfuck, cowboy bebop, cute guys, d.n.angel, death by beanie babies!, di-dy, drawing, final fantasy x, fire, flamers, flames, fluffy bunnies, friends, ghost in the shell, gir, glow sticks, gorillaz, green eyes, gum, hanging out, hanukkah, happy dances, hindhi bindhi pudding, hobbes, huggie bear, inside jokes, inuyasha, japanese music, laughing, living rooms, lollipops, love hina, lulu, madonna, magical chocolate, mangas, meko, monica's prostitute eyes, movies, music, my co-god, nautica, nerg, online surveys, outlaw star, passover, penguins, pet freshmen, pixie stix, playing the cello, porn 'n chicken, possessed teddie bears, princess mononoke, ps2, psycho, reading, rice, rubber bands, sarcasm, scented candles, sesi, sleeping, sleeping in, sleeping some more, sleepy time, soy sauce, spongebob squarepants, spring, squirrles with miniature weed-wackers, strawberry apple sauce, stupidity, summer, summer vacation, talking, tekk mer!, the rain, tickling, vanilla coke, wocs, yaoi, you, yuna, yunie
Friends:6: anime_freaks, chibi_gravi, kaolla, mizuho, pms_lain, touya
Friend of:5: chibi_gravi, kaolla, mizuho, pms_lain, touya
Member of:1: anime_freaks
Account type:Early Adopter

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