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Below is user information for The Goddess, Lioness of Babylon, Queen of Heaven. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:goddess97440 (99146)
Name:The Goddess, Lioness of Babylon, Queen of Heaven
Location:Eugene, Oregon, United States
Yahoo! ID:queen97440 (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:Heaven is what I call my tribe. I am the Queen, the Domme, the bitchgoddess.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:131: activism, alix olson, anarchist, angela davis, anti-capitalism, anti-homophobia, anti-homophobic, anti-imperialist, anti-racism, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-war, audre lorde, barbara smith, bdsm, bell hooks, blindfold, board games, bois, boondocks, boy dykes, boydykes, boygirls, buffy, butch, cat girls, chains, challenging privilege, challenging the status quo, challenging whiteness, collars, comic books, comics, communist, d/s, domina, dominant, dominate, domination, domme, dorothy allison, dr pepper, drag kings, dyke, dykes, eating, erotic, erotica, f2m, femdom, feminist, flogger, food, foreign films, ftm, furries, gender, gender studies, genderfuck, genderfuckers, genderfucking, genderqueer, genderqueers, girls, grrls, home girls, independent films, intentional community, james baldwin, kissing, left-wing, lesbian, love, loving, matrix, neopets, novel, novels, pacifism, packing, pets, poem, poems, poet, poetry, poets, politicizing, polyamory, pop culture, pro-choice, pro-porn, pro-sex, queer, queer theory, r&b, race, reading, revolution, sex work, sex workers, sexual freedom, short story, slave, socialism, speaking out, speaking up, star trek, stories, submission, sugar gliders, tattoos, theorizing, theory, third-world, tomboys, trannybois, trans issues, transgender, two-spirit, unionizing, wimmin, women, women of color, women's studies, womyn, words, write, writer, writers, writing, zami
Friends:39: caprichorny, crawfordstoy, crossroad, doccarooni, dragonturtle, elion, galah, gls_stephi, goddess_tribe, gregsub, herboy, herpriestess, jackrabbitlair, jerrywade, kyouki, lady_bengal, makaze_, mcleod29, missabernathy, mistical, mwn59, newslave, nickk, norweiganwood, queensslave, randy2672002, ravenscry, rosebud97440, silvertongue, sisteroutsider, slaveajay, slutbitchshal, stankersss, submissiveheart, theprince, thomasc, tnshow, unna, whozthatboi
Friend of:36: birdboy, caprichorny, crawfordstoy, crossroad, deadiamtheone, dinc, doccarooni, dragonturtle, dyanearden, eroticboutique, galah, gls_stephi, gregsub, herboy, herpriestess, justasissy, kyouki, lady_bengal, missabernathy, mistical, mwn59, nickk, norweiganwood, powerstrip, randy2672002, ripmeappart, rosebud97440, silvertongue, sisteroutsider, sorhiker, theprince, thomasc, tnshow, unna, whozthatboi, willowpagan18
Member of:8: bdsmplay, bisexual, cunt_conscious, goddess_tribe, pansexual, submissiveheart, writerotica, _sexmeup
Account type:Early Adopter

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