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User:glowish (187330)  
Bio: Hello Some of you know me by the name of Tara, others Lina. Same person :D . I'm from Sweden, and like I'm not very smart. I have friends but not really, cause i'm so pretty that american girls get jealous. Just kidding. I this one friend names Lana, and she like to touch herseld a lot-- and then tell me about. I try telling her to stop before her CLiT gets rubbed out like mine. She won't listen. Cause she be like hawaiian <-- that was ghett0. So yeah. I have four friends that I care about. they know who they are so need to name them. So like yeah, i'm Tara/Lina from Sweden,and I saw whatever. I like boys a lot, and I had sex with Sweden like once times. So like yeah IRL i have 5 friends I hang around. and yeah were all pretty so, like we know whats like for people to be jealous. So like Ja, and ja. Wanna see Swedish ? OMG Donna is so asian, that she's HOT. Lookies i wrote a paragraph. <333 Lina is so sexual that she's like a carebear. I'm tipsy and i just throught this. Like I can see and shit. this is fun bye bye <333
( hedja ) that was Swedish this too ( säike ) You didn't even mention me. ;-;
You gotta be like;
Sarah: she be like country, and way sexual. Nice boobs <333`My lesbian lover is Voldermort. <3` Teppy is godly, and she's my love. Donna is a pocket monster. and Lana has a rubbbed out clit. she's my mind twin. I love them, i do. ` i have to stick to my girls. like glue' cause i'm a lucky number two`
Interests:42: abercrombie, and not you, belly button rings, blonde, blubs, britney spears, bssm, bubbles, care bare, coldplay, color, diesel, donna, dream, flower, fly, gltz, harrypotter, lana, lipgloss, lizzi, me, minako, mself, party, penis, pretty, puma, rockn'roll, sarah, sex, shoes, shopping, sleep, sparkly, spots, sweden, swedishfish, teppy, tinkerbell, unicorn, wish
Friends:5: blissed, covetous, less_of_angelic, shinto, subdue
Friend of:5: cinnamon_swirl, covetous, licit, shinto, subdue
Account type:Early Adopter

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