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User:globeinfinity (59732)
Name:The Dream Within
Location:Michigan, United States
Bio:I'm a sucker for sad endings.
Interests:87: .hack//sign, 7-11, adult swim, afi, aikawa nanase, annie lennox, aqua teen hunger force, ayu, ayumi hamasaki, bands, bjork, blumchen, boa, brak, brand new, chemistry, cibo matto, coffee, cyber x, daniel jones, darren hayes, ddr, dir en grey, do as infinity, dragon ash, eurythmics, every little thing, excel saga, exile, faith hill, finch, gackt, gavin degraw, gay, globe, good and plentys, hajime chitose, heart, hikki, home movies, homestar runner, inuyasha, j-pop, j-rock, janet jackson, jody raffoul, josh groban, karaoke revolution, kinki kids, koda kumi, mai kuraki, mandalay, maroon 5, michelle branch, mika nakashima, misia, morning musume, music, namie amuro, neccos, nina gordon, paula abdul, rina aiuchi, road of major, roxette, savage garden, sayaka, sealab 2021, shimatani hitomi, space ghost, spice girls, story of the year, suite chic, taking back sunday, the brilliant green, the simpsons, the used, thrice, thursday, tommy february6, tori amos, utada, utada hikaru, van tomiko, w-inds, yaida hitomi, yeah yeah yeahs
Friends:40: adultswim, airrockstar, asiangeneration, averageone, babyalyssa, bbosh, burnparis, d4ng3rg1rl, drownedrat, fhqwhgads, gayboys, goweezer, hottmikey69, jhanna, jpop, jpop_icons, lennymi, littlevoice, lthrface8myface, mulletsgirl, musicalities, nazonatte69, oojesoo, over18, psychoanalyst, puck8769, punkerthanavril, ragnarok1981, ramenwhore, rangerchica, rocksteadylife, sealab2021, suggestions, teafortwo, teamayub, utopianhaze, yatenmike, yuan, yusaho, _yeahyeahyeahs_
Friend of:20: averageone, babyalyssa, bbosh, burnparis, drownedrat, goweezer, hottmikey69, jhanna, lennymi, littlevoice, mulletsgirl, musicalities, oojesoo, psychoanalyst, puck8769, punkerthanavril, ragnarok1981, rocksteadylife, utopianhaze, yusaho
Member of:11: asiangeneration, claim_music, fhqwhgads, gayboys, jpop, over18, sealab2021, suggestions, teafortwo, teamayub, _yeahyeahyeahs_
Account type:Early Adopter

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