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Below is user information for ~*~Dance.With.Me~*~. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:glitterxfaerie (84692)
Location:Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
AOL IM:poisonedstardust (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Tina the Troubled Teen

Hey Everyone. I am not a very interesting person. But if you want to be my friend anyways, it would be greatly appreciated.

Since Blurty has a limited number of interests, and I think music is very important, here are some of my current top favorite bands: Slipknot:::Manson:::NIN:::Incubus:::Disturbed:::Godsmack:::Rage Against the Machine:::Happy Hardcore:::

For the first time she understands why the admission of love from one person to another is sometimes spoken in low, hesitant words because what is said, besides I love you, is Please don't use this against me.

Interests:146: aim, alcohol, animals, arm warmers, art, artificial intelligence, astronomy, balloons, beads, biting, black, blood, body modification, bois, bondage, books, bracelets, bubble wrap, bubblebaths, bubblegum, candle wax, candles, candy, care bears, cds, cemeteries, christianity, cigarettes, cold, coloring books, computers, condoms, crayons, crying, cuddling, cutting, darkness, death, dominate, drugs, duct tape, electricity, email, erasers, eyeliner, eyes, faeries, fall, fire, fun, glass, glitter, glow in the dark, glow sticks, goth, grim reaper, grrls, hair dye, handcuffs, html, hugs, ice, ice cream, incense, kisses, kittens, kittie, kool-aid, lighters, linkin park, love, lust, make up, marlboro menthol milds, metal, midnight, money, monkeys, music, nail polish, natural stupidity, notebooks, pain, pallor, pens, pictures, piercings, pills, pink, poems, poetry, poison, popcorn, popsicles, pringles, punk, puppies, rain, rainy days, rawk, razors, reading, ribbons, rubber, rugrats, safety pins, scissors, scrunchies, serial killers, sex, shoelaces, shopping, signs, silver, simple life, simpsons, slushees, snaps, snow, socks, soda, sparkles, sparkly stuff, spongebob squarepants, sprite, spritz bottles, starrs, strawberry shortcake, streamers, stuffed animals, sugar, superstition, techno, thunderstorms, vampyre, velvet, warm fuzzy blankies, watches, weapons, weed, whips, wicca, wire, wristbands, writing, zippers
Friends:33: avermont_winter, b0mbastic_love, behind_the_soul, blackcoffee, california_sun, cherrii_kissez, darkeningxtear, dirtynails, godimpyscho, inhaledrapture, inviisible, kinkieleigh, lostemotions, munge, nirvanadragon, nixie_pixie, pinkkissez, prettyfuck, ravensblood, retarded_peachz, rxqueen4death, seepingwounds, shatteredstars, silent_rhapsody, since_now, sporty10chic88, starryeyedfreak, wordzunspoken, xfallingstarx, xosuchacutiexoo, xvolc0mbaby, xxlil_playboy, _walk_away_
Account type:Early Adopter

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