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Below is information about the "the faeriepeople" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:glitterpixies (92700)  
Name:the faeriepeople
About:This community was created for people who draw/write about/make/or are faeries

Postings of drawings, personal photos, poems, and anything else to do with faeries are most welcome.

A few rules:
- No rudeness
- Please try to stay on topic.
- No flaming
- Show respect
- If you're posting more than 5 pictures or pictures showing nudity please use the lj-cut tag
- and please: do not write LiKe THiS because that's annoying

And always keep in mind: "Anyone who doesn't believe in Faeries, isn't worth knowing" - Tori Amos
Visit our sister community striped_plague, too if you're interested in more dressing up.
Interests:65: air, autumn, banks, brooks, bushes, clouds, crowns, darkness, dawn, dress up, dresses, dressing up, dusk, elements, evening, faerie, faerie fashion, faeriefashion, faeries, faery, fairie fashion, fairiefashion, fairies, fairy, fairy fashion, fairyfashion, fall, fire, flowers, flying, forest, glitter, glow, horns, ice, lakes, leaves, magic, morning, mushrooms, nature, night, pixie, pixies, pointed ears, pointed shoes, pointy ears, pointy shoes, shores, snow, spirits, spring, stars, sticks, stones, stripes, summer, sun, trees, water, wild hair, wind, wings, winter, woods
Members:44: anashac, banana_fairy, beforewings, blackestduckest, cherryskank, cruel_portrait, crunchybohemian, crystaldreamer4, elizia, emptyvision, faelunette, fairygoddess81, fishberryjam, ginger_bread, greeneyedpixie, heretostay, justlikemagic, kaelasplace, kill_for_me, kitty_1, labelmedanger, ladycordelia, littledork28, magikalsquirell, miss_anthropy, mistressshaper, nikkibee, obsessedtatufan, parfait, perfect_pingu, pinkfaeriedust, poeticfaery, psychoberry, redxballon, riotpirate, sheoutside, silverpixiedust, skyofstrife, sparkie1892, startingline04, toshthecrafter, xfaeriexfriendx, xtrappedinsidex, _imaginary
Watched by:20: anashac, crunchybohemian, fairygoddess81, fishberryjam, ginger_bread, heretostay, kaelasplace, kitty_1, labelmedanger, magikalsquirell, miss_anthropy, mistressshaper, parfait, pinkfaeriedust, poeticfaery, psychoberry, silverpixiedust, startingline04, toshthecrafter, xfaeriexfriendx
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