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Below is user information for you look so cute when you're sulking. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:girlydidi (546011)  
Name:you look so cute when you're sulking
Location:Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

her name is didi. not p-diddy. or diddy-cong racing. only very special people can call her "dids". she's too laid back for her own good. curvy. shoulder-length curly straight hair. dark brown. blue eyes. sarcastic. if she wants to look good, she has to try. she's obviously not a natural. she keeps lots to herself. &only ever cries alone. her friends are the most important thing in all the world to her. lois&alice are her top bitches. &she loves them more than anything. her mummy is uber close to her as well. music is pretty important to didi. she doesn't like a particular style&she doesn't like labels. she just likes what she likes. she cannot live a week without listening to sublime. &loves movies- pulp fiction mostly. fight club. se7en. etc etc etc. she has to watch neighbours everyday. it's too cool for words. her room is stripy&she covers free spaces with collages of photos&magazine cuttings. didi likes to act geeky, when she actually doesn't have a brain at all. when she grows up she wants to be a swish journalist&write about all things rad, or even be a film critic. she's not too sure; too indecisive. she doesn't want to get married until she's old enough to know she'll never get bored. or have children of her own. she'd like to adopt. one girl&one boy. but planning these things so early on freaks her out a little. she hasn't felt a lot for very many boys&has kissed far too many while intoxicated. but she's found someone special again&can spend hours lying in his arms. she's feeling that "l word" again. she likes getting drunk&partying. &she smokes too much weed&menthol cigarettes these days. she loves dancing. but kinda sucks& her local gigs are the shit.

she very rarely talks in the third person mind...

i guess i'm an alright person- add me to your journal, kids.

Memories:2 entries
Interests:99: alcohol, alex zane, american beauty, andy warhol, art, audrey hepburn, beads, berets, bitching sessions, black books, black eyeliner, blur, bob marley, bohemian rhapsody, boys, braelangwell, brownies guide camp, cky, clockwork orange, coldplay, daisy chains, deep purple, dirty dancing, donnie darko, dr suess, drag queens, drugs, dungarees, edward scissorhands, english, er, fake innocence, fight club, forget me nots, getting the giggles, girly sleepovers, glitter, green, green day, holding hands, honeymoon periods, hot hot heat, hot water bottles, idlewild, joan armatrading, john lennon, johnny depp, kill bill, kiss me deadly, kissing, kyuss, led zeplin, less than jake, lip piercings, minesweeper, neck kisses, nirvana, no doubt, norah jones, outkast, photography, pjs, poetry, pulp fiction, reading festival, red lipstick, reel big fish, ren and stimpy, retro, romeo and juliet, run lola run, scarves, se7en, sex and the city, shoes, simon and garfunkel, ska, some like it hot, starry nights, sublime, sunning it up, super troopers, sushi, the b52s, the beatles, the cranberries, the emperors new groove, the nightmare before christmas, the office, the pixies, the trouble with angels, the used, thick-rimmed glasses, trainspotting, vintage, weezer, wellies, when harry met sally, white lillies
Friends:8: geeza_life, gunsgobang, ladyfinger, lyrics03, raspberry_jam, spyder, your_emptywords, ____beatbox
Friend of:9: geeza_life, glamxglitz, gunsgobang, herself88, lyrics03, raspberry_jam, spyder, your_emptywords, ____beatbox
Account type:Free User

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