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Below is information about the "Girls In Hardcore" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:girlsinhardcore (228104)  
Name:Girls In Hardcore
About:I thought I would bring this popular LIVEJOURNAL community to blurty!

This is a community for girls in hardcore, girls who love hardcore, girls who listen to hardcore!

This community is open to female and male, but is centered around girls in hardcore and hardcore from female perspectives

1.Please be respectful towards everyone. There is no need for any snobby comments.
2. If you're going to post pictures, please use the LJ-CUT
3. Please keep your "I hate the world rants" to your personal journals.

If you have any ideas of how to make this community please contact me.
AIM: A xXx Bomb
Interests:101: 7 angels 7 plagues, 7 seconds, a-team, all out war, american nightmare, atreyu, bane, bleeding through, blood for blood, boy sets fire, boys night out, breaker breaker, breathe in, bury your dead, champion, close call, closer than kin, comeback kid, converge, conviction, cops and robbers, count me out, cro-mags, crucial youth, death threat, earth crisis, embrace today, evergreen terrace, every time i die, floorpunch, from ashes rise, fus, glasseater, glassjaw, good clean fun, gorilla biscuits, guns up!, hit the deck, hopesfall, impact, in my eyes, intergrity, judge, keepsake, knife fight, life in your way, limpxwrists, luti-kriss, madball, mental, minor threat, misfits, negative approach, no warning, norma jean, our war, outbreak, over my dead body, overcome, pitboss 2000, project x, r n r, ramallah, reach the sky, right brigade, shai hulud, shark attack, sick of it all, since the flood, skarhead, skycamefalling, slapshot, so be it, some kind of hate, still breathing, stop and think, straight edge, strife, striking distance, suicide file, suicide note, sworn enemy, sworn in, ten yard fight, terror, the a-team, the hope conspiracy, the nerve agents, think i care, throwdown, unearth, walls of jericho, warzone, what feeds the fire, with honor, xfilesx, xsurrenderx, you and i, youth brigade, youth of today, zao
Members:104: amandamelisha, andcomewhatmay, angelodimorte, angelontheverge, atinystar, atomicbloodykis, awintersend, babydoll_whore, bambangboom, beauty_flails, bite_n_kuss, blanketeyes, bornxtoxdie, bounce_space, brkn_killswitch, caraisugly, chelseaxcore, cprforadeadman, crustie_punk, daystilljersey, deadcandance, dollphase, ender_, eyes_of_fire, forgethollywood, french_odd_girl, frompinktoblack, gutterxwhore, hiddendrama, hospital_ward, hxcfashionshow, iconcur, illsolitude, in_your_hands, jaxon45, jezzika666, joiexdexvivre, katieisonfire, kill_glassjaw, kill_the_script, kimalishous69, like_a_fist, littlelynn, lost_causex, love__bites, melissaxcore, meshy, misfitoutfit, moonlightlace, mydeadlydesire, myhaloburnsdeep, naked_truth, notso_soft, numb_, only_the_clouds, peelmeagrape, pinkranger_, poisongoddess, poisoning, pouringcrimson, queen_0f_pain, razorstars, rufiogirl710, savethisgirl, scarstoproveit, sciisorhands, sha23, shad0whearts, shortofempty, shortxcore, shotgunkisses, sicksadgirl, standupandfight, staticnerd, suicidegirl, sxe4ever, tearthisheartxx, thatsgangsta, undergroundxhea, veganxedge, vous_contre_moi, whatimeanttosay, whitesperm, xbreathexpainx, xdyinginsidex, xhaushinka, xkhcx, xneverxagainx, xrockkillskidx, xskateordiex, xtrappedinsidex, xxjustkillmexx, xxmestupkidxx, xxxouttheeyes, yourlipsonmine, zeronimbus, zoebabe57, _apathetic_, _cancer, _cut_you, _dana_walker, _morgasm, __radiator_hums, __vinyl
Watched by:38: andcomewhatmay, atomicbloodykis, babydoll_whore, badxgal, bornxtoxdie, bounce_space, chelseaxcore, eyes_of_fire, hard_core99, hiddendrama, iconcur, in_your_hands, love__bites, meshy, misfitoutfit, moonlightlace, peelmeagrape, poisoning, quietassassin, rufiogirl710, sha23, shortxcore, standupandfight, sxe4ever, tearthisheartxx, undergroundxhea, whatimeanttosay, whitesperm, xin_my_heartx, xkhcx, xtrappedinsidex, xxacidxx, xxxnokia21xxx, zoebabe57, _apathetic_, _cut_you, _morgasm, __radiator_hums
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