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Below is user information for Caz. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:girliebomb (163612)
Location:Reading, United Kingdom
Bio:I am me.....

...........aint that great?
Interests:123: *hugs*, 80's, 80s, absolutely fabulous, adam sandler, agentsmirnoff, alcohol, baths, beer, being in love, being stupid, being with my mates, berkshire, birthdays, blockbuster, blockbuster video, books, bordello, bowling for soup, candles, carry on films, cd burning, chatting on the net, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, cinema, clubbing, comfy jumpers, cooking, creed, cuddles, cuddling, dancing, dido, driving fast, dvd's, ebay, eighties, farting, feesch, films, firehouse, freddie prinze jnr, fresh bed sheets, friends, funny conversations, getting drunk, giggling, gimme gimme gimme, girliebomb, good hair days, graham norton, ham and cheese toasties, hammerizeduk, handbags, helping other people, herefordshire, hugs, icq, incense sticks, jack's hammer, jeans, jelly beans, kington, kissing, lambrini, laughing, lene marlin, lie-ins, love, m&m's, mart, massage, men, mens stomachs, mobile phones, money, mp3's, msn, music, my boyfriend, nickelback, nokia, orange squash, orgasms, partying, peter kay, phoenix club, phoenix nights, pizza, pubbing, reading, ribena, roast potatoes, roxette, sex, sex and the city, sleeping, smirnoff, smoking, snuggling, soap operas, socialising, talking, tatty teddy, teen films, text messages, texting, theory of a deadman, tobey maguire, toy story, toy story 2, traditional lemonade, unsigned bands, vegging, vibrators, vodka, weight watchers, wine, wkd, wokingham,
Friends:8: alfabettezoupe, charlyswench, crystalcages, hammrhed, hayleyk, medievalbabe, sparkle_x, tatsdixon
Account type:Early Adopter

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