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Below is user information for Thespian Soul. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gingerbread434 (176354)
Name:Thespian Soul
Memories:14 entries
Interests:76: 80s tv shows, algebra class, alias, almond joys, amelie, anything 80s, ataris, axe body spray, ballet, banana slurpees, beauty and the beast, best in show, big red, blockbuster, brand new, cabaret, cum out with it, dancing, dashboard confessional, debate, diaries, drama, drop dead gorgeous, foreign films, glitter, grammar, greek drama, harry potter, improv, jennifer garner, johnny depp, laughing, library, literature, love, maroon 5, mormons, movies, mr. planter's nuts, musical theatre, og-ing, planet smoothie, reading, reality dating shows, red roses, redheads, rocky horror picture show, roller skating, ron weasley, savage garden, scary movies, shower radios, slurpees, something corporate, sound room, spazzes, special features on dvds, spice drops, squirrels, strawberry daiquiris, strongbad, subtitled films, sunglasses, taking back sunday, talking, text messaging, the bachelorette, the early november, the ring, the theatre, the trair, time warp, vanilla candles, vegetarianism, writing, y tu mama tambien
Friends:15: andrer318, cap004, catlover66, dmbdirectoraa, fshnpliceofcr, higuyzx3, justlikeheavenj, loserlessons0, middlechild843, rising_tide, rodaine, sugarsnaps311, theevilpuffin, thepianist831, thetallone517
Friend of:16: andreeza3417, broadwaybaby05, cap004, dmbdirectoraa, gktwkluv, higuyzx3, iminaband, justlikeheavenj, middlechild843, rising_tide, sillygoose112, stormyday, sugarsnaps311, thepianist831, thetallone517, wickedchick1000
Account type:Early Adopter

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