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Below is user information for <*> t h a * g h e t t o * d i v a <*>. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ghettomami_x (574056)  
Name:<*> t h a * g h e t t o * d i v a <*>
Bio:DIs bE DaT GuRl K rEpPiN PhIlLy aLl dAy!!!!! ThInGs aBoUt mE: { 5'4, LoNg bRoWn hAiR, bRoWn eYeZ, kNoW HoW 2 DrEsS, lOvE 2 ChIlL & HaVe fUn. I'M DoWn 4 nEtHiNg} HoLlA At mE

THiNgS I HaTe: FaKe aSs nIgGaZ, bItChEs, WaNnAbEs, PeOpLe wIt nO SeNsE Of hUmOr aT AlL, wHeN My tImE Is bEiN WaStEd
Interests:73: 106 & park, africa, allen iverson, alvin ailey, anita baker, ann reinking, art, baby phat, ballet, basketball, bet, bette davis, big tigga, chingy, classic movies, clothes, dancing, diamonds, dick, dior, dolce & gabbana, dressing up, flirt, g-unit, gangstaz, george clooney, gilmore girls, gin, hip hop, hypnotiq, india, italy, jai rodriguez, jay-z, journalism, lauryn hill, law and order, lena horne, louis vuitton, ludacris, mariska hargitay, marvin gaye, merengue, missy elliott, money, motown, movies, music, nelly, new york, niggaz, notorious b.i.g., p. diddy, parties, philadanco, philly, psychology, r.kelly, reading, remy red, rosalind russell, sean paul, sex, shopping, sidney poitier, singing, sleeping, thugz, trina, vodka, weed, will & grace, writing
Friends:2: buttapecan184, ghettonigga
Friend of:1: buttapecan184
Account type:Free User

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