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Below is user information for Patrick. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:ghaleon (15643)
AOL IM:Padraiceen (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:For any in-depth information, see my website, or ask alcyone, my girlfriend. My brother, kingofhearts13, is also a member, but he's a bit of a slacker. He needs to post more.

I run the Homestar Runner community here at Blurty, fhqwhgads. In addition, I run a small MST3K community at mst3k, a Pokemon gamers community at pokefanatics, and a Diablo gamers community at diablogamers.

Oh, and I've claimed Ghaleon at claim_anime. Hands off my symbol.

I've also claimed Deedlit, Ghim, and Etoh from Lodoss War, Nall from Lunar, and Gourry from Slayers, because they are exceedingly l33t. And Keitaro Urashima, Mutsumi Otohime, and Shinobu Maehara from Love Hina, because it's such a wonderful series.

I post as Sephiroth on the PvP forums, if there are any forumites here.

This journal is currently on hiatus.
Memories:1 entry
Interests:107: 386, ambient, anime, architecture, b-movies, baseball, baseball cards, boston red sox, bubblegum crisis, bubs, chasing amy, cheese, chobits, chocolate, classic cars, clerks, coach z, coachz, conservative politics, conservativism, cooking, dartmouth, decemberween, dexter's laboratory, diablo, diablo 2, dogma, dvds, erika, fantasy novels, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, flash, fluffy puff marshmallows, friends, gaming, homestar, homestar runner, homestarrunner,, homsar, ireland, j&sbsb, kevin smith, king of town, kingdom hearts, law & order, lord of destruction, love hina, m. night shyamalan, macs, magic knight rayearth, mallrats, marshie, marzipan, medieval, medieval irish history, megatokyo, melonade, moulin rouge, movies, mst3k, music, ninja scroll, nobuo uematsu, paleography, pokemon, poopsmith, powerbook, powerpuff girls, reading, record of lodoss war, red sox, sephiroth, shinobu, shinobu maehara, simpsons, slayers, slayers next, strong bad, strong bad e-mails, strong bad emails, strong mad, strong sad, strongbad, strongbadia, strongmad, strongsad, swimming, tandy 400, tara strong, techno, tenchi, tenchi muyo, the brothers chaps, the cheat, the king of town, the simpsons, thecheat, trance, trinity, villains, wild arms, xenosaga, yasunori mitsuda, yasunori shiono, yello dello
Friends:65: 4bu53_pwnz_j00, 560848462, abortretryfail, alcyone, angel, antipeople, ariiadne, banleeted, bertho, bmogroupie, bunnysneezes, cautioner, chibicko, claim_anime, claim_poetry, denby, diablogamers, empyreal, eveninghawk, evil_devil_cow, faerywinged, fhqwhgads, final_fantasy, fnord, girl_friday, goldchaosdragon, gothic_vampress, graycinnabar, grayeyes, handsdown, idiotsanonymous, jaya, jgcay, jigglebilly, jpmoney, kingofhearts13, kuri_neko, lalalove, lycre, maria_lightbulb, mooglelally, mr_tuggles, mst3k, ninja_kitty, nonsequitur_c, over18, pokefanatics, punk, pyreflies, ragingindie, risingup, sanji, sillyangel, silverraven, snapesthong, sosiqui, specialaupps, tempest, theredroom, theslayers, thursday_next, triad, ushichan_haru, watercolorstain, yuan
Friend of:38: 560848462, abortretryfail, alcyone, antipeople, bertho, cautioner, chibicko, empyreal, eveninghawk, evil_devil_cow, faerywinged, fnord, girl_friday, gothic_vampress, graycinnabar, jaya, jgcay, jpmoney, kaston_iago, kingofhearts13, kuri_neko, lalalove, lycre, maria_lightbulb, mooglelally, mr_tuggles, naruto, punk, ragingindie, scantily_clad, sillyangel, silverraven, sosiqui, tempest, triad, ushichan_haru, watercolorstain, wildstarfish
Member of:16: 4bu53_pwnz_j00, claim_anime, claim_poetry, diablogamers, fhqwhgads, final_fantasy, idiotsanonymous, mst3k, nonsequitur_c, over18, pokefanatics, pyreflies, risingup, sextips, theredroom, theslayers
Account type:Early Adopter

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