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Below is user information for your pretty face is going to hell. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:genesis__12a (37557)
Name:your pretty face is going to hell
Bio:Surrender to self preservation
Interests:142: ac/dc, albert fish, anathema, andrew wk, anger, anti grunge, archers of loaf, audi, aurora borealis, being slapped, black flag, black metal, black sabbath, blue oyster cult, bluffin, camp kill yourself, cancerts, cannibal corpse, celtic frost, chad ginsburg, chris cole, chris raab, chuck schuldiner, cky, coffee, concerts, cradle of filth, crazy people, dark tranquility, dawn desiree, death, death metal, def leppard, depression, deron miller, diamond head, dimmu borgir, dissection, ed gein, editing, fibbin, filming, flogging molly, frontside flips, getting slapped, gg allin, girls pants, gorguts, guns n roses, hate, hate theory, heartagram, him, his infernal majesty, horror movies, ian curtis, iced earth, iggy pop, in flames, iron maiden, jess margera, jim morrison, joy division, judas priest, kickflip frontside noseslides, king diamond, kiss, kissing, kreator, lacuna coil, leatherface, led zeppelin, love, love metal, macabre, making love, malevolent creation, mayhem, mercyful fate, metal, metallica, ministry, minor threat, modest mouse, motley crue, motorhead, murderers, music, my bloody valentine, nighttime, nirvana, noctuary, nokturne, opeth, optimistic, orion, ozzy osbourne, pain, pentagram, pessimistic, pestilence, playing guitar, punk rock, queen, rain fell within, ramones, receiving slaps, rites of spring, rock, rupert, rush, sepultura, serial killers, sex pistols, skate videos, skateboarding, slapping people, slayer, soilwork, sport jackets, stiff little fingers, suicidal tendencies, summoning, ted bundy, testament, the 69 eyes, the album leaf, the doors, the esperantos, the misfits, the moody blues, the scorpions, the shins, thrift stores, turbonegro, vans, vehemence, vern zabrowski, ville valo, wasp, white zombie, zodiac killer
Friends:3: cky_alliance, jaymoney, rosered44
Friend of:21: carcin0gen, citrusxacid0, cows_kick, definite, emeraldhot, endless_tears, gouge, heartagramkee, idiot_box, infatuations, jaymoney, ledzeppelin, lightburnsclear, promiscuous_x, rare_beauty, skyofstrife, x0_nightiingale, xneedlex, _carbonated, _fade, _rotten
Member of:2: cky_alliance, heartagram
Account type:Early Adopter

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