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Below is information about the "Genderqueer" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:genderqueer (110260)
About:Welcome to the genderqueer community!

This community is for anyone who identifies as genderqueer, gender variant, bi-gender, gender bending, gender blending, genderfuckers, gender neutral, non-gender, transgender, transcending gender, transgressively gendered, gay, lesbian... the list goes on.

This is a safe space for anyone queer-identified. We embrace diversity, so please respect the views of others. Feel free to post about queer issues, personal stories, or anything else you want to share that is relevant to the community.

SOFFA are welcome too!

Community moderated by raindancing
Interests:94: androgynous, androgyny, bdsm, bi-gender, binding, bisexual, boidykes, boigirls, boigrrls, boy, boydykes, boygirls, boygrrls, boys, butch, crossdressers, crossdressing, drag, drag kings, drag queens, dyke, dykes, f2m, fag, fagbois, fagboys, fags, femme, ftm, gay, gays, gender, gender equality, gender neutral, gender outlaw, gender studies, gender theory, gender variant, gender-bending, gender-blending, genderfucking, genderqueer, genderswitch, girl, girlbois, girlboys, girlfags, girls, glbtq, glbtq issues, grrlbois, grrlboys, grrlfags, hermaphrodites, homosexual, intersexed, lesbian, lesbians, m2f, mtf, non-op, non-t, nongendered, packing, pansexual, polygendered, pre-op, pre-t, pride, queer, queer issues, queers, radical, revolution, testosterone, third gender, tomboys, trannies, trannybois, trannyboys, trannyfags, trannygirls, trannygrrls, trannys, trans issues, transexuals, transgendered, transguys, transmen, transsexuals, transvestites, trisexual, two-spirit, ungendered
Members:66: abnormalsanon, alizarincrimson, angee, angelsfallfirst, artemis_poetess, badboy84, badlydrawnboy, basejaxx, boidyke78, carte, chainedlink, daddysean, daddywolf, derelictus, detachablepenis, deviantmonkey, dogmouth, dv8yoshi, elvey, entitything, eyekisses, faerieking, godfilth, gouge_away, homosexualcandy, inkwarrior1776, janetsbreeze, jeffdemac, josefk, karasuchan, katty, lesbodojo, liltigger, littlegreenbox, manic_insanity, mistress_true, muzikjunky, nurse_kitty, orphaen, partofme, pegasuschick, pirate_ships, punkedoutdyke, raindancing, riotpirate, rosiel, roxy641, saintly_lady_j, saralara, scaredlittleboy, setsu_, sexyplexi, shrff14, softshadow, starhawk, supra_christ, trickymartin, vivrant, vo2x, windwalkwithme, wolfsgrrl, wp, xussiht, xxxhotboi69xxx, x_sianabelle_x, _13
Watched by:44: apprehensive, artemis_poetess, badlydrawnboy, basejaxx, boidyke78, chainedlink, daddysean, daddywolf, derelictus, desirescasualty, detachablepenis, deviantmonkey, dogmouth, elvey, entitything, eyekisses, gia69692002, gouge_away, jacquesdubois, janetsbreeze, jeffdemac, josefk, karasuchan, katty, liltigger, littlegreenbox, manic_insanity, martia26, nurse_kitty, occultdyke, popefuel, ravenscry, roxy641, saintly_lady_j, saralara, scaredlittleboy, setsu_, softshadow, trickymartin, tuppem, vivrant, vo2x, wp, xxxhotboi69xxx
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