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Below is user information for angeli. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gelliebean (942688)
Website:"the picture on your mind will be photograph by your life..."
Location:Quezon City, Philippines
Bio:well yeah...

---the initial impression that i got from people, mostly, is that i'm very timid... YEAH I AM TIMID, BUT NOT THE ALOOF KIND! i'm quite normal... really... but a bit weird... i don't know... haha! yeah i can be shy at times, but i can also be wacky, nice, mean and whatever! i'm UNPREDICTABLE, i don't have a particular character, i have a little bit of everything, i think.
---i love writing! i'm not a good writer though. i write because this is my way of venting out.
---i stay home a lot, but i do go out. i just love the comforts of our home. i love being with my family especially with my sibs.
---i love hanging out with friends, we usually go to cool and cozy restos(I LOVE TO EAT!!)we normally pick the places where we can laugh out loud and be ourselves. we sometimes hang out in bars, but i'm not really fond of it... i enjoy going to live concerts more.
i love eating ISAW with them!
---i love music! any genre will do. as long as it has great rhythm and sensible lyrics, i dig it! i find emo and alt pop really interesting, their lyrics are very catchy and truthful.
---i've issues with men, i think some of them are really shallow! kudos to those who are not! (if there are any!)
---i hate those suck- up-user-plastics! they bug the hell out off me!!
---i stick with common people, but i can walk the line between ghetto and preppy =)
Interests:26: bands, box car racer, catsup, chocolates, csi, culture, dvds, food, heat, isaw, matchbook romance, mavericks, mp3s, natural remedy, novels, people, psychology, shia le beouf, soysauce, spongebob, strawberries, tennis, the killers, tyra, watashi wa, yellowcard
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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