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Below is information about the "geeks_united" community. This is a closed community. To become a member you must contact its maintainer. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:geek_core (190672)
About:a community for those who are "geek to the core".
A safe haven for those of us with the inclination to obsess over the abnormal.
For chronic video game players,
For loner dweebs,
for people with imagination,
for people who don't like the radio,
for the anti-pop,
This is for you.

Geek core....Geek Core!!
Interests:123: 20's art deco, 31 knots, aliens, anal cunt, anime, anti-racism, asian food, at the drive-in, atari, autumn, bad brains, badly drawn boy, baltimore rowdy collective, bikini kill, black and white, black dice, botch, brown clothes, buzzcocks, chocolate, computers, conceptualizing, craziness, cubism, cubist, da bloody gashes, deerhoof, dilute, drums, ds-13, eating, egg nog, el guapo, elderscrolls series, emo, engine down, enon, ex-girls, extraterestrials, eyes, eyes of autumn, fantasy, final fantasy, fing fang foom, food, four hundred years, frankenweenie, geek-core, geeks, geeky stuff, get hustle, giant robots, guam, guitars, hardcore, heavy vegetable, hella, japan, last of the juanitas, laziness, les savy fav, lsd, mari, mario brothers, mates of state, math rock, mega man, melt banana, michael jackson, minor threat, mondrian, nerds, neutral milk hotel, nintendo, nirvana, non-conformity, of montreal, old man pipes, ooioo, operation ivy, orthrelm, p.e.e., pacifism, photography, picasso, pixels, procrastination, progressive, punk, ruins, rumah sakit, science fiction, sea food, sleeping, smelly stuff, sparta, star trek, star wars, steak, storm and stress, stupid crap, superkalafradgelisticiksialadoshis, sxe, the dead milkmen, the delgados, the germs, the hives, the pixies, the strokes, the white stripes, thingy, thoreau, thrash, tolkien, ugly people, upsilon acrux, video games, weird stuff, whore*core, wolfie, wooden planks from nebraska, xcrustysweetsx, zelda
Members:None listed.
Account type:Early Adopter

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