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Below is user information for Joel Rueben Madden. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gctwin_joel (47826)
Name:Joel Rueben Madden
Website:Its Fake!
Location:San Jose, California, United States
Bio:Occupation: Vocals, Mtv's Bitch + 1/2 the Host of All Things Rock
Band: Good Charlotte

[100% Fake. I'm not Joel, I'm not connected in any way with him]
Interests:84: 40's, baby blue, baseball, beastie boys, beer, benji madden, billy martin, cash dog, cash money millionaires, cds, circle pit, cky, converse, dickies, dvds, dyed hair, email, emo, finch, friends, goldfinger, grandmasta flash, green dickies, h20, him, hip hop, hugs, jack daniels, jeremiah, jurassic 5, kissing, level 27 clothing, little things, ludacris, made clothing, matt lovato, mountain dew, movielife, murder dolls, my mom, nelly, new found glory, nfg, nine inch nails, outkasts, p diddy, parties, paul thomas, pierre bouvier, poetry, punk, rancid, rap, representin, riots, rock, rock and roll, saves the day, seasons, sex, sex pistols, simple plan, sleep, soda runs, song writing, spiritfall, stone sour, sweaters, tattoos, the clash, the movielife, the smiths, the temptations, the used, thugs and punks, tony lovato, tupac, twins, vans, vodka, waldorf, wife beaters, winterfresh gum, women
Friends:22: alwaysavvy, bizzyd_sum41, bizzyd_whibley, cone_mccaslin, david_baksh, gctwin_joel, lanston, manda_moore_, manda_willaford, ndotnitty, oh_so_fake, osf_mods, pierrexxbouvier, pierre_x_simple, rayna_foss, rpg_ads, xchrissy_ax, xjen_lopezx, _benj__madden_, _brit_spears, _justified, _k_osbourne_
Friend of:11: benji4eva, bizzyd_sum41, brok_briant, gctwin_joel, gc_bassdude, ginger__halo, joel4eva, kinkytwincest00, simply_his_not, xchrissy_ax, _benj__madden_
Member of:1: rpg_ads
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2002-12-29 16:57:09
Date updated:2003-04-06 11:00:38, 611 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
Journal entries:13
Comments:Posted: 29 - Received: 96
Shared Journal Access:gctwin_joel can post to rpg_ads

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