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Below is information about the "The Gay Boys" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:gayboys (4060)  
Name:The Gay Boys
About:This is the Gay Boys Community.

Please use this community for general posting. Please do not CROSS POST entries into this community. That is what the gay_boys community is for. Also, please do not post quiz results, surveys, or large images without using an lj-cut. Please note that minors can see this community, so questionable images MUST be behind an lj-cut with a clear warning that the picture contains questionable material.

Users may be banned for spamming, too much advertising, or being rude constantly.

Otherwise, Anything goes. and have fun :-)

Your fearless leader,
Interests:134: ?, absolutely fabulous, acceptance, activism, advice, aids, alternative lifestyles, alternative sexuality, androgyny, anti- heterosexist, anti-ableism, anti-ableist, anti-heterosexism, anti-prejudice, anti-racism, anti-racist, anti-sexism, anti-sexist, art, bisexuality, boys, broken hearts club, but i'm a cheerleader, butch, charity, cher, civil liberties, civil rights, clubbing, coming out, coming out stories, communication, community, companions, culture, dancing, drag queens, drama, edge of seventeen, encouragement, enlightenment, euro trash, fabulous, fag hags, fags, family, fashion, fighting hate, freak, freaks, freedom, friendship, fucking, gay, gay boys, gay community, gay males, gay marriage, gay men, gay parenting, gay pride, gay rights, gay/straight alliance, gays, gender, gender queer, genderqueer, glbt, glbtq, happycore, hate, heterosexual, heterosexuality, hiv, homo, homosexual, homosexuality, homosexuals, hotties, human behavior, human rights, humanism, humanity, kandy, kissing, kylie minogue, love, loving more, madonna, men, minority issues, minority rights, multicultural, muscles, musicals, open-mindedness, pansexuality, partners, pflag, pink triangles, platonic relationships, politics, pride, pride triangles, queer, queer as folk, queer community, queer studies, queerness, queers, rainbow, rainbows, ravers, raves, relationships, respect, same-sex marriage, sex, sex and the city, sexual ethics, sexuality, sexy, significant others, stereotypes, straight, support, techno, theatre, tolerance, travel, trick, understanding, will and grace, working out
Members:128: about_a_boi, adidasboi, amorphousfacade, andrewpants, antkeithstewart, apocolipstick, athen, atxboi8705, badboy84, ben, blotto, blueboy351, brandon1784, byeguystl, carte, cdn_camaro, charliekeenjr, chicano209z, chrishayes82, colorme_perfect, cosmojohnny, cutewith0utthee, cutyourhair, dabble_boy, darkpoet80, darkswordoffire, dark_dreams, de5sc, desahogo, detrue, deviantboi, dreadzsummer, dreamerboi, eatenbyapen, ezra3, faerieboii, fallenarcangel5, favoritemistake, forgotten1, frephica, fuckthepainaway, fullofjizz, gayspammer, generalblue_pr, gh3_bzabini, globeinfinity, goingblue, gracelesstumble, greatness2030, guruinamuumuu, halifaxthoughts, horned_wicca, hottmikey69, ioamozephyr, itznotmilk, jackola, jaynieshady, jeremy_pgh, johnnypg, josefk, joshsibc, justericwpb, kafkaenthusiast, karmickreature, keithylishus, kzt21, laursquared, lildragonheart, louderback, macklovesjonah, malice, mattus04, mfc61786, michi, mira_boi, motownstud, mrgay, mster, mwalters48083, mydarklife, nelsonamsterdam, niarbehtnozyob, notcharliebrown, noxii0us, ohwoeisme, oldnavy_rl_gap, oyeoflitlefaith, patroxmyshoebox, pauly, penetration, perfectoparko, pirofairey, powermanx5000, priapus, prodigitalsun, pw7x, razor_tongue, regi, rejekted, remix820, ru4elohim, sagerakurai, sayitanyway14, scaredlittleboy, secondsabre, shadyz, shoegayz, shogunofharlem, sjon, skyagboy79, snaffleburger, southrn_star, spankthis, ste78, stormsinger, stranged, tarnishedhalo, teddyq, the_bobert_show, this_boys_life, tofurkyfreak, trow2004, twinobodywanted, t_a_t_u, voinkies, wikkidn10tions, xkittyrawr, _lost_yet_used_
Watched by:75: adidasboi, amorphousfacade, andrewpants, antkeithstewart, apocolipstick, athen, blotto, blueboy351, byeguystl, charliekeenjr, chrishayes82, closer_to_fine, colorme_perfect, cosmojohnny, dabble_boy, darkpoet80, dmking12370, dreamerboi, eatenbyapen, ezra3, faerieboii, forgotten1, frephica, fullofjizz, gayspammer, generalblue_pr, globeinfinity, goingblue, greatness2030, halifaxthoughts, hottmikey69, ioamozephyr, jackola, jeremy_pgh, josefk, joshsibc, justericwpb, kzt21, laursquared, louderback, mfc61786, mira_boi, motownstud, nelsonamsterdam, notcharliebrown, noxii0us, oldnavy_rl_gap, patroxmyshoebox, pauly, perfectoparko, pirofairey, regi, remix820, ru4elohim, sagerakurai, scaredlittleboy, scotalicious, shogunofharlem, shortie_dre, sjon, southrn_star, spaceboy_addict, spankthis, ste78, stormsinger, teddyq, the_bobert_show, this_boys_life, tofurkyfreak, t_a_t_u, unusualhotshot, wikkidn10tions, wuhzlifelike, xkittyrawr, xxdisturbedxx
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