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Below is user information for Diiamond Gurli. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gangstakiszez (142816)
Name:Diiamond Gurli
Location:Rockford, Illinois, United States
AOL IM:Sexiienyce24 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Ch0c0lateDelight (Add User, Send Message)

..Mah Liife n styl3..

Mah name be Nikab0o b.k.a Lil Mama, Peanut, Babii T, Tweety. I'm holdiin it down for dat 8.1.5. Lol. i know how it is. It' aint much to do here activity wise but n different matters we be gettin cunk riight in our hood. It's Rocktown to da fullest get it right N dont trip bc I got my laces tied. I'm 75% African American n 25% Indian. I stand at 5'6 n Im a junior graduatin '05 runnin. GhS. I
keep it real no doubt. If you aint my fam or we aint coo I will not hesitate to front you. If you can't handle the truth den u aint worth my time.Fuqq all the rest

..Babii Boi..

Hell yeah. I'm wit my babii TJ.I love him too death and Im hoping just this one time shiit will work out for me..Ya know? I juss gotta keep holdiin it down for myself regardless if diz this loves lasts or not. I love my babii though. 7.29.o3

..I see myself as..

I'm a sister, aunt, cousin, friend, daughter, niece. Nah lol lemme stop playin with yall. I keep it straight gangsta. Its hard for me to keep my head up all da tiime bc shiit gets rough but I do try.No matter what. You gotta keep it real like I said before. I will neva let nann niqqa or trick defeat me. Holla

..Who you treatin wit..?

Lemme juss name my so sidity crew.
Devin. Rey. Kevin. Liyah. Mylissa. Jae. Nay Nay. Nishaboo. Marc. TJ. Cynthia. Corey. Ashton. Trey.
Bri Bri. Tatiana. Brian. Derrick. Fines. Teresa. Miracle. Krishaunda.Ja. Tamara. Rachel. Dominick. Tasha. Jermaine. Jr. Tyshawn. Adrian Rivera. Tyree<333. Symone. Domonique. Tahree. Jauzlynn. Taquez. Sheraton.AJ. Nikolia. Sharisse. Nieci. Sabrina. Keith..and anyone i missed if I did Im sowwy<333 Luv me still

...Wha do you like...?

I like a man wit thickk lipz dats juss my motivation .Nah 4 real i like anyone dat can make me laugh ya know..Its hard bein depressed I like to keep my head up. Try to find a positive outlook. I want friends who can love me for me n not my bodii or anything like dat.I juss want a man who can love me for being real n never turn they back on me or attempt to think of it.

..If you don't give a damn I dont give a fuck!!..

Holla back at diz lil mama cuz
disz is all I care to share with those of you that chose to read my Journal. It's mine all mine so if u dun like what i say DONT bother to read my entries anymore bc I speak my mind. BEazee n stay tru.
Interests:18: books, campinq, chillin, computer, dancinq., diamonds, dogz, friends, gospel, magazinez, men, movies, music, r&b, school, singinq, tv, you (depends)
Friends:20: b0ughett0_bear, babiixqiirl, babyphatcat, bizzotch, false_truth, ganqsta_piimp, illest_shortii, ladii_stunna, mariahzcharm, postakid, raytotharay, s0phistication, sexiblkdomfuqa, shamii_cupcake, smoothoperator, tainted_memorie, thugprincess, twiistedshortii, _boriqua, _graffiti_
Friend of:12: babiixqiirl, babyphatcat, bizzotch, false_truth, mariahzcharm, postakid, raytotharay, s0phistication, shamii_cupcake, smoothoperator, thugprincess, _graffiti_
Member of:4: aaliyah, b2k_fans, layout_icons, stopthepain
Account type:Early Adopter

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