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Below is user information for `FucC it `LicC it `. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gangstabitch88 (400085)
Name:`FucC it `LicC it `
Location:Port Orange, Florida, United States
AOL IM:Sexxiislt420 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
°Reppin--Spruce Creek High
°Status--my self
Interests:142: abercrombie and fitch, adidas, aim, baby phat, basketball, baths, being in charge, being in love, being loud, being naked, belly button piercings, big dicks, bikinis, binders, birds, black and white photography, blue, blurty, body paint, boobs, bubbles, butterflies, candels, candy, cars, charlotte russe, cheerleader, chicc doin shit together, cigarretts, cocaine, cocoa butter, coffee, cold weather, computer graphics, dancing, diet coke, dippin dots, drawing, driving, ekco red, express, eye brow piercings, eyes, feeling loved, flip flops, ghetto white boys, girls, glasses, glitter, guniea pigs, guns, handicap people, hats, hollister, homecomings, hoochie skirts, hopping, horniness, hot pink, insents, italian food, jewlery, josh, kissing, kitties, knives, lesbians, lingerie, lipgloss, lips, liquor, luis vuitton, mall, manicures, mean people, money, movies, muscles, nose studs, old people, pants, parties, pens, perfume, phones, pictures, piercings, playboy bunny symbols, players, pools, porn, powerade, preppy guys, pussy, rabbits, rain, rainbows, rap, raves, rollar coasters, science, sex, sex stories, shrooms, skinny dippin, sleeping, smile, sneakyness, softball, stairs, stars, steak, stomaches, strawberrys, strippers, stripping, stuffed animals, sunkist, taking pictures, tank tops, tans, techno, thongs, throwing, tile, tommy hilfiger, tornados, tounge rings, trippy songs, walking fast, water, water bongs, water parks, weddings, weed, weightlifting, wet n' wild, wet seal, white roses, wings, working out, xoxo bags
Friends:7: aliettem89894, fallinxinxlove, intense, ncgangstabytch5, punk_x_jill, sw33tinn0c3nc3, _geticons_
Friend of:4: fallinxinxlove, intense, sw33tinn0c3nc3, uhwhat
Account type:Free User

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