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Below is user information for Jo the blantly honest and stuff. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:gallie_kins (123874)
Name:Jo the blantly honest and stuff
Location:salem, Oregon, United States
AOL IM:maduce05 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:What it there to say? Im just me. But most of you would actualy like to know who that is right. I might as well be straight forward in saying that Ive got a lot of issues and am prone to anger fits so dont piss me off unless you want me getting all huffy in your face. But other than my mental illnesses my I quote my friends when i say that im "a kick in the pants". Well I guess youll just have to find that out for yourself wont you?
Interests:123: 80's, animals, art, astrology, autumn, beauty, belly button lint, black clothing, blood, blue hair, bon jovi, breasticles, cats, cemeteries, cheese, christopher pike, clive barker, clothes, cold weather, coldness, composing music, dancing, danny elfman, darkness, david bowie, death, disorders, dragons, drawing, edgar allan poe, eeyore, egypt, emotions, fat, forests, freemasons, freud, graphic art, hair, haunted places, hinduism, horror, human nature, india, jay and silent bob, juggalos, junk food, kabbalah, knives, labyrinth, legends, life, lightning, lords of acid, love, magick, memory loss, men, midnight, moon, morbidity, movies, music, night, night time, nightswimming, oceans, open minded people, otherkin, painting, pale skin, peace, piano, poetry, potery, prince, psychology, rain, rasputina, raves, reading, rivers, rocky horror picture show, scary people, shakespeare, showers, shows, silver, smashing pumpkins, sp00ky kids, spirits, spirituality, stars, staying in, stuff, suicide, switchblade symphony, tai chi, tattoos, the internet, the moon, the prodigy, the soul, the stars, the usual freak stuff, thunderstorms, tim burton, tortured souls, unicorns, urban legends, vampires, vampyres, vast, voltaire, wacaday, water, waterfalls, weres, white stripes, winter, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, yoga
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:6: ar_feiniel, barmaid, ladyoftears, regallegolas, silverqueen, the_golden
Member of:1: shadowsrpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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