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User:gaiaclaire (523202)
Location:Memphis, Tennessee, United States
I wish I were a ninja.

If were a ninja, I would spend the day watching people who did bad things, treated people badly, and were generally bad people. Then at night, I would sneak into their houses and beat the shit out of them all ninja-like. And in the process I would tell them something like, "stop doing that shitty shit, or I'm gonna come in here and beat the shit out of you again." And for my own satisfaction, I'd also kick the shit out of some pompous people once in a while. Just cuz I don't like no arrogant, pretentious, haughty motherfuckers.
I swear to god, I'd save the world, lickity split.

I'm a big advocate of being nice to your fellow man. You're only gonna live 70, maybe 85 years. You might wobble your way to 97 if you're lucky.
Nobody really thinks about the fact that one day, they're going to be DEAD. Why wouldn't you be the best person you can be now?

I also wish I were a hippie.

I am religious. I believe in Heaven and Hell. So I'll talk about God and Jesus on here alot. I'm not a bible-beater. I respect you if you are a polytheist (that the right word?) I respect you if you have no belief. And I respect you enough that if you tell me you think Christ and God are crap, I'm not secretly thinking "how sad - how so so sad that you are lost and I am found. May you find the light of the Lord my child. I'm right you're wrong." So unless you're just gonna be exceptionally rude/mean, please don't comment, but if you are exceptionally rude/mean, you probably will anyway, so forget what I just said.

Sometimes I wish I were a mermaid.
Interests:65: 70's movies and music, 80's movies and music, able, all music before 1996, anti-racism, being a good painter, bessie, beverly, black community empowerment, black self-empowerment, cheese fries, chinese buffet, churchs chicken, classic rock, clea duvall, conceptual art, crono trigger, crunchy dill pickles, dogs, expensive bloody steak, fantasy movies, final fantasy 7, free stuff, fumbling towards esctasy, god, good people, honey nut cheerioes, horror movies, horror video games, hotwings, jared leto, jeremy irons, jesus, jettie, jimisha, john william waterhouse, legend, love, mammas family, meadows, milla jovovich, mommy dearest, my mother, old-timey gospel, painting, patti smith, paxton, pj harvey, porno, ramen noodles, samantha, sifl and ollie, snails, stephen king, stripey socks, sushi, terms of endearment, the doors, the golden girls, the toadies, timothy, travita, trying to retrieve childhood, water, well-made paintings
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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