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User:funnyoldbird (948998)
Location:Same-ness, North Carolina, United States
Bio:I've been a stay-at-home mom, but I still can't bake cookies.

My "kids" are nearly grown and they are very cool. My daughter is in college, majoring in sequential art (comicking), and my son is into computer art and animation, and programming.
My husband can do anything with a computer and is a bona fide genius.
Everyone is better at math than I am.

I work at home as a proofreader. Sometimes. Right now I am a bum.

I don't watch "reality" shows. On purpose.

I love my 2 cats but (ugh) they aren't my babies, they are cats. They wanted to make sure you knew that.
Interests:50: alternative music, art, autumn, bible, biographies, birds, bookstores, british humour, cats, chicago cubs, chinese food, coldplay, color, david gilmour, donald miller, driving, fairy tales, falling leaves, falling snow, history, japanese food, jazz, journals, kittens, mark twain, mirrormask, moonlight, more art, my cat, my ipod, nascar racing, people, people watching, philosophy, pink floyd, pirates, postcards, pottery, rainy days, reading, robert benchley, rock music, rocks, shiny things, solanus casey, soundgarden, thrift stores, wildlife, windchimes, yiddish humor
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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