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Below is user information for Amber. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:funkypunkjunky (115777)
Website:My Other Journal
Location:Avondale, Arizona, United States
AOL IM:seperatedXOheart (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:amberlynn12606 (Add User, Send Message)
Interests:150: 12 stones, 2 dimes, 3 doors down, a perfect circle, acceptance, alkaline trio, allister, american hi-fi, aquabats, authority zero, bad religion, big dismal, blindside, bouncing souls, bowling for soup, boy hits car, boy sets fire, bracket, brand new, breaking benjamin, burning brides, butthole surfers, buzzcocks, chevelle, chucks, cky, closure, coach z, cold, course of nature, cradle of filth, days away, die trying, dieradiodie, disturbed, divit, dolphins, double drive, dropkick murpheys, eminem, evanescence, finch, flaw, further seems forever, good charlotte, group x, h.i.m, halfgain, hall 13, headfirst, homestar runner, hoobastank, hot action cop, hot hot heat, jack off jill, jessica simpson, less than jake, linkin park, lostprophets, lucy woodward, mad at gravity, mae, marzipan, matchbox twenty, mesh, mest, mi6, michelle branch, midtown, millencolin, mxpx, nickelback, nila, nofx, noise ratchet, northstar, off by one, ok go, our lady peace, pirates of the carribbean, plumb, punk music, redfield, reel big fish, reliant k, revis, rufio, rx bandits, saliva, seether, simple plan, simply red, sixth year senior, slipknot, smile empty soul, social distortion, socialburn, something corporate, sparta, sr 71, stacie orrico, staind, stars, stone sour, story of the year, strong bad, strong mad, strong sad, stuckmode, sugarcult, sum 41, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tantric, taproot, teen girl squad, teen idols, the addicts, the all-american rejects, the androids, the apex theory, the ataris, the bouncing souls, the calling, the cheat, the donnas, the eyeliners, the format, the get up kids, the hope conspiracy, the juliana theory, the living end, the movie life, the pennyroyals, the starting line, the suicide machines, the transplants, the used, three days grace, thrice, thursday, tonic, toya, trapt, trogdor, trust company, tsunami bomb, unwritten law, utada hikaru, yellowcard
Friends:8: dontbugme27, funnybrownman, jenspinkbananas, lttlcircusfreak, merrr, rose4noone, vampire_cow, vballgrlniki
Friend of:5: dontbugme27, lttlcircusfreak, merrr, nicokecola, niksbluheart
Account type:Early Adopter

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