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Below is user information for xO Laur Ox. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:fuckyou_ (661920)
Name:xO Laur Ox
Location:United States
Interests:111: a walk to remember, ace ventura: pet detective, afi, aim, ashton kutcher, astrology, babies, beach, blood, blue mascara, bongs, bowling for soup, boys, braceface, brownies, cars, cats, cheese, cheesecake, chick flicks, christina aguliera, cotton candy, crying, crying to sleep, cucumbers, cuddling, cupcakes, cutting, depression, dr pepper, eggs, elmo, eminiem, fire, flavored lip gloss, friends, goldfish (the food), green day, guys colonge, halloween, hello kitty, holding hands, horoscopes, joel hinton, josh hartnett, kisses in the rain, kittens, kurt cobain, lighters, lips, lizzie mcguire, llamas, mrs. doubtfire, mtv, mustangs, nirvana, no doubt, nofx, parties, peaches, phones, photos, pickles, piercings, pink, pools, punk`d, puppies, purple, ralph lauren, ramones, random "i love you's", razors, reeses peanut butter cups, roses, scary movies, shane west, sharp things, shoulders, simple plan, slow songs, smiles, sparkles, spas, stairs, starbucks, stars, strawberries, sublime, sugar, sugarcult, sunflower seeds, sunglasses, sunsets, swing sets, teady bears, teeth, the clash, the ring, the shining, the used, tinkerbell, toungue rings, trampolines, transplants, trucks, vanilla, water, watermelon, white oleander, wrestling
Friends:2: iloveyoo, _c0nd0ms
Account type:Free User

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