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User:fuck_authority (45063)
Name:she wants a riot
Bio:i suck at bios. so im gonna make
this short and sweet... this journal is friends only... comment to be added..

Interests:135: afi, alcohol, anarchy, anti, anti-avril, anti-conformity, anti-ignorance, anti-socialism, arm warmers, band shirts, barbed wire, beanies, being a whore, being evil, being in love, benji, bitching, biting, black, black and white pictures, black clothes, black eyeliner, black hair, black lights, bleeding, blood, blowjobs, bongs, bracelets, brody armstrong, burning things, buttons, cherries, chuck taylors, darkness, dead flowers, death, dick, dickies pants, disrespect, dreadlocks, emo, eyebrow piercings, eyeshadow, falling out of love, fights, fire, fishnet, flashing, foreplay, freaks, fuck school, fucking things up, glitter, goodwill, grafitti, guitars, gwen stefani, hairdye, halloween, handcuffs, hate, holding hands, hoodies, hot pink, hot pink hair, incense, individuality, jack the ripper, jealousy, kinky stuff, knives, lap dances, licking, make-up, making out, marijuana, marilyn manson, mikes hard lemonade, motion lotion, my bed, naps, nightmare before christmas, obsession, oompa loompas, pain, pale skin, pam anderson, parties, patches, piercings, pissing people off, plaid pants, pre-marital sex, punk, punk boys, punk rock, rage, red hair, rock my socks, rocky horror picture show, safety pins, screaming, sex, sharp objects, shiny things, shopping, showers with boys, sid vicious, sk8er guys, ska, sleeping, smeared makeup, smirnoff, spiked hair, sponge bob squarepants, stars, strip clubs, stripes, stripey socks, stupidity, sugar, suicide, tattoos, the 80's, the distillers, the icecream man, the misfits, the virgin suicides, thrift stores, vodka, waterbeds, whipped cream, wild hair, willy wonka
Friends:14: bikiniskill, bleedxxinnocent, bloodstaindlips, dickies, disbelief_, falter, forgotten_me, gothicxpleasure, moodofyours, sayinggoodbye, somethingtotalk, tastexofxink, xxtoxicxpunkxx, _blowmeaway
Friend of:15: bleedxxinnocent, bloodstaindlips, disbelief_, falter, hardkore, iwantariot, moodofyours, nobflasher, sayinggoodbye, shesjustat0y, slightlyviolent, slimshadee, somethingtotalk, tastexofxink, waitin4myruca
Account type:Early Adopter

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