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Below is information about the "Front Door" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:front_door (129933)
Name:Front Door
Website:FAQ/Disclaimer for you
Location:Hollywood, California, United States
About:This is another role playing introduction community for the role playing game: jaded_hollywood. Here we ensure that the quality of members here are mature, descriptive, and stay in character.

What do I do in this community?
This is where you post your introductions and give the moderator, ben_dover, an idea on whether or not you're up to standard for this community.

What if the character I want is taken?
Too bad. This is a first come, first serve community. However there are exceptions. If the person is just putting one liners in their journal and not putting any real effort into their character you could try and over rule them. We only want the best here.

Do we role play here?
Role playing via journals and/or instant message and chatrooms are encouraged. The more you interact and role play, the better your storylines will be and journal entries.

Anything else?
After you post here remember to leave a comment in the maintainer's journal (ben_dover) to get added to jaded_hollywood.

We will strongly enforce the one week updating rule here. Remember to add the disclaimer to your journals.
Interests:12: celeb rpg, celebrity rpg, celebrity rpgs, fake journals, faking celebrities, role play, role plays, role-playing, rp, rpg, rpgs, rps
Members:90: acetaminophen_, akutcher, alba_jess, aleciaxxmoore, alyson__h, alyssa___milano, amy_p, anna_kournikova, aurthurgway, ayumi_hamasaki_, bass_l, ben_dover, ccomeau, clarkson____, dan_showed_you, davematthews, deryckwhibley__, donna___r, dude_its_dave, ecuthbert, erika__c, f50fty_cent, fallonator, f_durst, gellar__, gwen__stefani_, hollyvalance_, irresistiblej, jamesvanderbeek, jguarini, johnny_m, joshuas_chasez, josh_gracin, josie_nutter, josie___, julian_strokes, justintimber, j_lopez_, kate_garry, keira_knightley, kiid_vicious, kimmathers, kimsmith, kirsten_d_, korina__longin_, k_ozbourne, lisa_marie, mack_a, marsh_mathers, martinbilly, matthew_damon, mel_schuman, mena_suvari_, mere_monroe, michellejaquet, mooch_trace, ms_murphy, m_kirshner, orlandobloom_, paris_hilton__, penelope_cruz, rose_mcgowan_, shelliwhite_, shiiinoda_, siick_boy, sk8ergirlavril, tara_reid_x, tara__r, taryn___, taylorhanson_, tay_h, topher_grace, trevor269penick, willaford___, xjessi_albax, xmila_kunisx, xxnatalie, _bradford_, _busy, _cuthbert, _dominique, _emmanuelle, _kreuk_, _lavigne, _marion_, _marit, _meg_, _seann, _shaw, __eliza
Watched by:71: acetaminophen_, akutcher, aleciaxxmoore, alyson__h, alyssa___milano, anna_kournikova, aurthurgway, ayumi_hamasaki_, bass_l, ben_dover, britm, ccomeau, davematthews, deryckwhibley__, donna___r, dude_its_dave, erika__c, f50fty_cent, fallonator, gellar__, hollyvalance_, jamesvanderbeek, johnny_m, joshuas_chasez, josh_gracin, josie___, justintimber, j_lopez_, kate_garry, kiid_vicious, kimmathers, kimsmith, korina__longin_, k_ozbourne, lisa_marie, mack_a, madexmanxbenji, marsh_mathers, matthew_damon, mel_schuman, mere_monroe, michellejaquet, milak, mila___kunis, mooch_trace, ms_murphy, m_kirshner, orlandobloom_, penelope_cruz, rose_mcgowan_, rosie__m, shelliwhite_, shiiinoda_, siick_boy, sk8ergirlavril, tara__r, taylorhanson_, tay_h, topher_grace, willaford___, xjessi_albax, xmila_kunisx, xxnatalie, _bradford_, _busy, _cuthbert, _dominique, _emmanuelle, _kreuk_, _marion_, _marit
Member of:1: jaded_hollywood
Account type:Early Adopter

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