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Below is information about the "Friendster Royale" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:friendsteroyale (474218)
Name:Friendster Royale
Website:PLEASE READ THE USER INFO (Click below this line)
About:Hey, welcome to Friendster Royale, the only Pinoy rating comm slash beauty pageant slash interactive place to make friends on Blurty!!! :D

♥ ♥ ♥


1. Once you join, you are given up to a week to post your entry. Failure to do so will result in you being BANNED. We will try to warn you ahead of time, but no guarantees!

2. Post at least one pic (you can add more if you think it will increase your score), introduce yourself to the group. An interesting fact about yourself would help the other members remember you better.

3. Answer the Question of the Week. It will be posted every Friday or Saturday (depending on the moderators' social lives). Scroll downwards and find the latest one if you don't see it at once.

4. Wait for the votes. ONLY STAMPED MEMBERS MAY VOTE but everyone may comment. Anonymous and non-member commenting is by tolerance -- the moderators have the power to delete them at any time.

5. You will be judged by stamped members with the following criteria. 50% looks, 50% personality. They are required to give you a numerical grade. Merits and Demerits are individual member prerogatives.

5. After one week, people with an average of less than 70% are banned for a week. You will receive notice stating whether you are in or out. People who don't make the cut-off may come back and try again the following week. There is no limit to the number of times that you try out.

6. The guy and girl with the highest average at the end of the week will get crowned Mr. And Ms. Friendsteroyale. They also get bragging rights and bitching privileges for the rest of the month. No one can win Mr. or Ms. Friendsteroyale more than once a month.

7. Stamped members who have not been crowned Mr. and Ms. Friendsteroyale during the current month may try again the following week. However, they must post a new picture along with the new answer.

8. Stamping day is on Friday or Saturday (again, depending on the moderators' social life). The royal couple and the new question will be announced at the same time. Special stamps and awards are given at any time.

Special stamps:
  • Jolina stamp - upon seeing this, all parties to an argument in a particular thread must disengage

  • Roderick Stamp - guys giving default dude-to-dude ratings are given 24 hours to give a more honest rating. Failure to do so will nullify that particular vote.

9. Friendly bashing is allowed, and honesty is appreciated. You don't help anyone by lying about their looks. Let's just consider it cariño brutal.
  • If you want, you may get even when it's your turn to rate -- just remember that you get back what you give out. Other party may mouth off as well. It's only fair.
  • The moderators reserve the right to delete any comment that they deem to be overly offensive or out-of-line.
  • Stamped Members will be given more leeway to say what they want because other party may retaliate.
  • Unstamped members, Non-members and anonymous commenters will be given less tolerance. Remember, you are merely guests in the community. Unless you have submitted yourself to judging and have been voted in by the group, you have no right to speak judgementally in FR.
  • Always keep in mind that this community is about feelin' the loooove <3<3<3.

10. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN FRIENDSTER TO JOIN. But if you are in Friendster, add F.R. to your friends list, be proud you are a member and expand your network! email address:

♥ ♥ ♥


this section is for you, if you find all this confusing!!! I know I did! :D

The Prelims:

1. Go to and make one if you do not have on already. Just click on Create Journal/Signup and folow instructions. If you don't want to update your journal, that's ok. But it'd be cooler if you do ;P
2. Join the Friendsteroyale Blurty Community:
- Go to the Friendsteroyale Blurty at
- click on the link under the counter that says "User Info".
- Once you are viewing the FR User Info, click on "Join this Community".
3. Go to a picture-hosting site and upload some of your hawwwtest pics. Favorite picture hosting sites are:
- Snapfish
- Village Photos
- Shutterfly</center>

Once you've got that down, you're ready to dazzle us with your shiznitzness! Wahoo!

Posting in Friendsteroyale:

1. Log in to your Blurty account.
2. Under the black Blurty bar, there is a link that says "Update". Click that.
3. You will see a box. In that box, write the following:
- a short intro about yourself.
- HTML to post your pics *** read the section below ***
- the answer to the Question of the week.
4. Under that box where you write, you will see a drop-down dialogue box called "Journal to post in". Click the drop-down box and pick "Friendsteroyale".
5. The second drop-down box says "Security Level". Choose Public.
6. Write whatever you want in the rest of the boxes. It's just gonna ask you for your mood and what music you are listening to. "Picture to use" refers to your Blurty userpic, if you uploaded one.
7. Click on the button that says "Update Journal". Voila! Shiznitzness almost achieved!
8. If you want to edit the post once you have already made it, click on "Edit", which is right beside "Update".

A Quick Lesson in Posting Pics:

A. Get the URL of your pic:

1. Log in to your picture hosting site.
2. Find the pic you want to show us. Make sure you are looking at the pic in its original size, not the thumbnail, ok!
3. Right-click on the picture. This little box with lots of options shows. Pick the last choice... it says "Properties".
4. A little window with the Properties of your pic pops up.
- Look at the third line. It should say -- Address (URL): http://www.blabla.somethingsomething/ekekekek <-- that's just an example ok!
- Copy and paste the URL of your pic. Be sure that you drag the mouse down when you copy the URL -- it's usually longer than the two lines displayed.

B. A little bit of HTML:

1. In the box where you type your intro and answer, type the following:
<*img src="http://www.blabla.somethingsomething/ekekekek"> except do not put the asterisk. No space between the bracket and img ok!
2. The pic will appear when you press update.

♥ ♥ ♥

MUSE 1: ginsengchicken
MUSE 2: cyndie


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ROGUE REBEL: clockworkchico

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